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Suggestions for Meeting Rooms

Before you add your suggestions, please read the existing issues that we know about for the meeting rooms on the MeetingRoomsCommittee page. Please also check the MeetingRoomsFAQ. You can also give feedback by email to one of the committee members listed at the MeetingRoomsCommittee page.

For the agenda of the next meeting:

  • Provision of smartboards? We seem to have moved downhill technology-wise since the move from AT.
  • When my research group tried to have a telcon yesterday, we were told that there is currently only one conference phone, and that it can only work in room 5.02 (because it is analogue not VOIP). We had some trouble finding a suitable time slot as that room is heavily used for normal meetings (not requiring use of the conference phone).



  • Mini-Forum 1 would really benefit from some cafe-style tables (like those on the ground floor) for meetings of 2-4 people who need to look together at papers e.g. code listings. The coffee tables are too low. (ElaineFarrow)


  • Getting the whiteboard function of the smart-boards working.
  • 1-2 mobile boards (perhaps, something that can be wheeled around) accessible as one of the resources to be booked ahead of time.
  • Where there are suggestions to "mount white-board on X wall", as for example with IF 4.02 and IF 5.02, could we consider mounting two or three white-boards, or using boards wider than normal? JCMB seminar rooms regularly had several wide blackboards along entire walls, and these were fully used. (IanStark)
  • In fact, why can't we just have usable whiteboards in ALL meeting rooms? There is a clear need for them.
  • In further fact, why can't we have blackboards in ALL meeting rooms? Or at least some of them, since I guess there is a split between blackboard fans and whiteboard fans. (jcb)
  • A process called "taskfarmer" takes up 50% of the DICE machine's memory. It appears that people are using DICE machines (including those in the meeting rooms) to run remote jobs. This is fine outside of working hours but wastes people's time during the day when the meeting rooms are in use (5 minutes to login/start up). So I wonder if we can get computing support to discourage remote use of these machines at least during the day, on the theory that person time is somewhat more valuable than machine time...
  • Maybe get Windows/Mac instead of DICE for meeting rooms. Make sure all meeting rooms have at least some machine. Arguments for a Windows/Mac machine as well as DICE ones are:
    • You need to have a DICE account to log into a DICE machine. Being that non-Informatics people will be giving seminars, talks & presentations in our rooms on a regular basis, they will not be able to use a DICE machine without someone from Informatics letting them use their account.
    • Open Office does not have all the features that powerpoint does. Some powerpoint presentations don't run well on it and so there needs to be an alternative.
    • Our hi-tech computing image will be a bit tarnished if we cannot provide the basic world-standard presentation software for people to use.
  • Counterpoint: My experience of giving powerpoint presentations elsewhere is that they don't run too well on powerpoint either. Plugging a USB stick into an arbitrary MS Windows+Office PC regularly gives distorted slides because of mismatches in Office versions, installed fonts, default sizes, ... Reliably giving a presentation prepared on an MS Office machine means bringing that machine and plugging it in directly --- which is exactly what lots of people do, and is supported. (IanStark)

Providing Information:

Problems with the Rooms:

  • Room 1.16: move the projector a few inches towards the outside window and then there would be enough space for a whiteboard (portrait style) beside the smart-board.
  • Room 4.3X: Blackboard or whiteboard
  • Mini-Forum 2, which is used for LFCS Lab Lunches, really needs a whiteboard and projector on the East wall (the same wall that has the door leading outside). With regards to the projector, something akin to the 'smartboard' which was in the room in AT used for the CISA talks would probably be easier to install than mounting a projector on the ceiling. Not sure how cheap those things are though...! Similar devices are used in the tutorial rooms on AT's mezzanine floor. Just to be crystal clear, the 'smart' bit is not necessary, just that the projector is attached to the board itself, and does not need to be mounted separately.
  • G.07/07A: acoustics inside G.07/07A are very bad, such that with many speakers it's terribly difficult to understand them.
  • (GX and 4.3X): (for bigger meeting rooms) podium in a room to be place in a way that a speaker can look at it and still be facing the audience. Ideally the podium should be moveable and wired in. (Supplement: Surely any room with a podium needs it placed so that a speaker can use it and face the audience? IanStark)
  • (G07) Lights in the room auto-turn off in the middle of a talk - it should not happen.
  • IF 5.04: This has a wide-screen tv (plasma?) rather than a data projector. Is there a situation where this is preferred to a projector, or is it just cheaper? (IanStark)
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