Here is a draft set of kitchen rules. Perhaps people can add to these, and then there can be an editing session at some future date.

  • Always clean up after yourself, where "clean up" is defined as:
    • The sink being empty
    • The worktop clean
    • Any spillages in the fridge cleared up
    • The microwave wiped out
  • Make sure any food you leave in cupboards or the fridge is fresh
    • It is OK to remove other people's food if it going off or at risk of going off
    • [Suggestion] Food to be left for multiple days should be labeled with date and owner's name, and may be discarded otherwise
    • [Suggestion] Publicize forum-wide refrigerator clear-out/cleaning days (once every 2-3 months), with unmissable signs on refrigerator doors
  • Make sure that cutlery and crockery is clean before putting it away
  • Waste liquid should be poured down the sink, not in the bin
  • The milk that is supplied in the kitchens and coffee areas is for tea and coffee use only. If you want breakfast cereal or a glass of milk etc then you should bring in your own.

  • [Suggestion] Dishwashers (should) have a sign saying "CLEAN" or "DIRTY", indicating the state of the contents.
    • If the sign says "CLEAN":
      • please don't put dirty dishes in
      • if you have time, empty the dishwasher and flip the sign.
    • If the sign says "DIRTY":
      • go ahead and put more dirty dishes inside
      • if you have time and the dishwasher is full, start the dishwasher and flip the sign.
    • (NB: The level 4 signs are particularly nice since they are self-explanatory; can we make more?)

  • [Suggestion] There is a coffee/espresso machine in L5 kitchen opposite 5.39.
    • This is property of the Database Group. Anyone in Informatics is welcome to use it --- responsibly.
    • Please be careful with the plastic coffee bean compartment cover --- it breaks easily, rendering the machine unusable.
    • Please clean up spilled coffee beans.
    • The milk flask and attachment can store milk for 8 hours before it spoils. If it hasn't been cleaned recently, please empty and clean it before use and tag with time/day it was refilled so that other users will know whether it needs cleaning.
    • Please do not interrupt or interfere with cleaning or descaling cycles. Do NOT stop the descaling cycle to try to make yourself some coffee --- the water tank will be full of a descaling solution that is not good to drink (and the resulting coffee tastes horrible too!)
    • Please do not hold down the buttons when you are making coffee. This resets the default settings for everyone, leading to surprises for other users. The amount can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis using the dial on top of the machine.
    • Report problems with the machine to Alex Judd in 5.41.
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