This page organizes an informal network of Informatics people and friends who get together to play through mostly baroque music and 20th century French, just for fun and because it's a good way of exploring the music. We usually meet up alternate Mondays at 6, although there are other possibilities. The core "every time" members are recorder (in every size) and keyboard (piano, organ, and harpsichord, or more often, a keyboard masquerading as one). We have occasional contributions from a baritone, bassoon, and horn. We try to find people for music we want to play, as well as accommodate players who want to join in. This is a new group, and it's still evolving. Some of us are completely happy to bend what instruments get used for what and put up with unusual sounds "behind closed doors"; others are more traditional. We try to meet the tastes of whoever happens to be coming. If you're interested, contact Jean Carletta. We'd especially welcome a regular cellist or viola da gamba player, but we have some pieces in mind that also would take viola, violin, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, and a soprano or tenor, if you're interested in a one-off or occasional sessions.

These are just notes for me to remember what people have already seen and upcoming plans. In general, where we have a special instrument interested in coming, I try to find two pieces, which can either be combined in a session or split for two sessions, with lesser pieces as filler (since we're never quite sure how long we'll want to spend on a piece).

Venue opportunities (based on what has heat in winter - summer is more open):

  • George Square alternate Mondays at 6, e.g. 6 Feb 2012, not 5 Mar 2012, in diary until end April so far. At some point during these sessions we we may be playing with interactive projected art work.
  • Morningside, first Wednesday of the month after something that ends at 8:00, was a recorder ensemble, slot currently unused.
  • Morningside,Thursdays after something that ends at 8:30
  • Morningside, early Sunday afternoons.
  • Morningside, Mondays starting 7 or 8 but keyboard requires negotiation
  • there are others, these are the main ones

I'm also considering trying to set up regular motet/madrigal sessions in Morningside, to see if that helps with the problem at George Square where we have trouble finding enough women. I might start with an introductory session where we try to get too many people and let newcomers find their level of involvement by singing some four-part (not one voice per part), and also split up some. I can think of around 15 people to invite - better to find a few more. The key is getting a date with enough women, and with a larger group it's as well to have someone who can do a quick score-read in case of emergency.


  • Monday 19 Feb 2012, George Square at 6; Couperin and WF Bach.
  • Monday 5 Mar 2012, Morningside at 7:30, NOT George Square at 6, de Chadeville
  • Monday 19 Mar 2012, George Square at 6, Telemann HGD with soprano
  • Monday 2 Apr 2012, George Square at 6, Couperin
  • Monday 16 Apr 2012, George Square at 6, Milhaud
  • Monday 30 Apr 2012, George Square at 6, Hans Gal (2fl + guitar), Spohr nonette in reduction
  • Monday 14 May 2012, George Square at 6, baroque with a violist, probably Telemann horn/recorder trio sonata (comes with pull-out viola part), a brief Graupner trio sonata, and (if MR wants an independent part) a Telemann quartet
  • MAYBE: Sunday 10 Jun 2012 - Luciano Berio Folk Songs: score and recording We can choose songs according to who we have available although it would be nice to do the full set. Mz: HG; piano (for harp) [AS], recorder (for flute/piccolo) [JC/MR trading off between this and percussion?] ; viola [?]; cello [HG knows someone?]; clarinet [?] ; percussion kit needed too [?].
  • OUTING: 18 Aug 2012 - Les Arts Florissant

asking baritone and bassoonist what date they want, will bump violist from 14 May if that's what they have available.

Upcoming but possibly close to being scheduled:

  • still don't have stuff together for a courante party, but might be close to finding a dancer; tempted to have a bird/Byrd party instead this spring. The birds would be all the stuff the singers and players have done over the last couple of years as background music while people chat; the Byrds would be standard motets for all comers.
  • after Easter - Telemann St Michael's Day with new-baritone-to-G (PB), bassoon, and organ - choose a contrasting partner piece with recorder and then something that isn't Telemann.
  • "Pentecost special" - Luciano Berio Folk Songs: score and recording We can choose according to what we have available, but we'd need mezzo [HG?], piano (for harp) [AS], and either flute/piccolo/recorder [JC/MR trading off between this and percussion?] or viola [KM?] ; it would be nice to have these plus clarinet [SG looking at it] and cello and someone willing to at least fake the percussion to cover the set. They really are string parts with lots of double-stops, substitutions might be hard.
  • Have had a request for a session using Gonnagles books, thinking how we could do that.
  • if the violist (LW) ends up back in town, or once KM has played in, Debussy, Bax, and Tann (Song of Amergin); also try with G?, brief and very simple aria with viola solo (Osman, Sprich vor mir, pg 51,,_HWV_1_%28Handel,_George_Frideric%29 2 fl, sight-readable tenor to G, va, bc); an inner voice for O ruddier than the cherry; need to construct parts. Also the Telemann horn and recorder trio sonata comes with a pull-out viola for horn; or maybe Bach BWV 6 for alto and oboe da caccia, substituting viola (if there's capella source on-line we can use the re-clef the part).
  • WF Bach, triosonate D-dur for 2 flutes, need to stick it up a minor third to make it more playable
  • Staeps, 4 Arrieten (2 rec and piano)
  • more Rameau
  • Ibert aria for flute and piano CITY MA283.1.P, Ibert flute concerto (EUML, but overdue); Chaminade Concertino? EUML M244 Cham.
  • Marais trios (we haven't looked at those yet)
  • Dieupart suites, need to do something about splitting the notes/getting decent key.
  • looking for opportunities for duos sans bass, chance to do some of the Telemann, or Agreli off
  • use one recorder ensemble slot for dance suites if we can find a string or two?
  • Next AS/JC session without b.c. reinforcement, where we know that's what it is ahead - Blavet and Boismortier Sonates pour flute et clavecin, EUML M242 Boi. - look for reasonably fat soft-bound volume - or 20th century
  • there's a violist (FR) who'd like to come do some middle voices in arias and dance suites - she says she's not up for solo positions. We may need to find a violinist to match.
  • want to amass a danceable set of courantes with different players, as possible party preparation- or maybe since the prep is simpler we should just have a bird/Byrd party (people can do their favourites from the motet and chamber groups, and we can sing well-known motets with whoever wants to come)

What's been seen (so I can avoid boring people):

  • can't keep up, there's a lot more, so we're doing this differently now and choosing notes jointly ahead (or taking pot luck)...
  • JC, MR,BS/MG: Quantz Trio Sonata in C
  • JC, BS: Handel G minor sonata
  • JC, BS: Rubbra, Meditazioni sopra "couers desoles"
  • JC, MR: Telemann D minor Duo Sonata (no bass), first two movements
  • JC, MR: Paisible Op 1 nu 2 unaccompanied duo sonata
  • JC,LN/MR: some Loiellet de Gant unaccompanied duo sonatas; started at beginning, I think
  • JC/LN: Orlando Gibbons Three Fantasias
  • JC, MR, BS: quick ramble through first movement of a Telemann trio sonata
  • JC, BS: Vivaldi Il Fido Pastor, G major (nu 3)
  • JC, BS with AI: Vivaldi Il Fido Pastor, G minor (nu 6)
  • JC, AS/MG with MR, Vivaldi Il Fido Pastor, C major (nu 1) first two movements,maybe
  • JC, MR, AS [1 Mar 2010, 12 Apr 2010]: all three Williams Trio Sonatas (MG saw one as well, I think)
  • JC, MR, AS [1 Mar 2010]: Henry Purcell Trio Sonata in C
  • JC, AS [15 Feb 2010]: Ian Pillow Sonata
  • JC, AS [15 Feb 2010]: quick run through Ulrich Staeps, Dialoge
  • JC, AS [1 Feb 2010]: some Handel, I think, two different keys
  • JC, MG with MR: Valentine G minor (Sonata XI of XII for flute with bass)
  • JC, AS: Dieupart Suite 1 in C major (saw a bit of it, needs a proper run with prep to get the ornamentation full enough)
  • JC, GL, AS, MR as first violin: [12 Apr 2010] - , Handel O Ruddier than the cherry, from Handel Gesellschaft, EUML, also printable from starting page 65. EUML M1508.H13 Han. has a piano reduction of some description that's larger print but with part of a staff torn off, in the same key (in the middle of a box of musicals, search hard). GL got notes from CPDL; I'm keeping literal cut and paste for the bird/first violin/bass.
  • JC, MR, AS [12 Apr 2010]: quick flick through Vivaldi flautino concerto 2nd movement, RV433, more as intonation check than anything else - also flicked with MG.
  • JC, AS, GL [26 Apr 2010]- Telemann HGD - first aria Trinity 2 on
  • JC, GL, AS, MR [24 May 2010] Telemann HGD second aria of Am Ersten Osterfeiertage on Corelli trio sonatas (2A, in Bflat, F and F) from EUML.
  • GL, MR, MG, JC [7 June 2010] - Trinity 10 first aria of for voice and nightingale - there is some kind of recording available (on what terms, not sure - I don't own the CD) at
  • MR, JC [7 Jun 2010] - first two Loeillet de Gant unaccompanied duo sonatas.
  • MR, JC, LN, AS [23 Jun 2010] - Telemann horn trio sonata, Haym trio sonata, Witt dance suite, and some Vivaldi trio sonata that MR owns.
  • JC, AS, GL, AI, MR, LN [Wed 30 Jun 2010] Telemann HGD Easter 1 (first [bassoon] and second), Trinity 2 (first); Trinity 10 (first); O Ruddier than the Cherry. MG saw the Telemann as well at a smaller session.
  • MG, AS, JC: Telemann 6 Trinity second and not sure, random selection of three part madrigals.
  • JC, AS: Mrs. Harris in Paris
  • JC, AS: a stab at the Poulenc flute sonata, just for interest
  • JC, AS/MG: parts of Norman Fulton Scottish Suite
  • JC, AS: Diepart Suite 1; parts of Suite 6, need think about key/instrument (looks like this is one of the ones meant for fourth flute)
  • JC, MG: Corelli, La Follia, just a run to get the sense, still worth bringing in cello/bassoon.
  • JC, AS: poor run through Sasha Johnson-Manning to get the sense; need to think about second movement
  • JC, MG: first movement, Bach organ trio sonata in C
  • JC, MR, AS: Marin Marais Sonnerie de Sainte Genevieve du Mont de Paris, using tenor recorder instead of viol
  • MR, AS, JC [2 Mar 11] Marais Suite (2 fl+b.c.) in D, CPE Bach Triosonata in C.
  • JC, MR, AS: Vivaldi La tempesta di mare concerto split to make a party piece, the split didn't quite work, perhaps resplit, or just leave.
  • LW (guest sop),JG,LF,LR,MG,JE;MR,JC;AS;CM (page-turner) [10 Mar 11]: Bach BWV 106 "Actus Tragicus" funeral cantata using Capella source off web. Rerun with preference to those who wanted to come but couldn't?
  • over summer 2011 - mostly 20th century French (Ibert, Poulenc)
  • KM (sop) , AS, MR, JC - Telemann HGD, Rogate second half, 4 Advent second half; ; Handel Agrappina Volo pronto (pdf page 28) to recover the keyboard player's headspace after,_HWV_6_%28Handel,_George_Frideric%29 If she drops out, more Couperin.

Wishlist where we know who the players would be:

  • JC, MG - Ian Parrot, Dialoge, rec. and organ. Did a quick test, just waiting on preparation...
  • We may do a Morningside set with FR on viola after mid-July, probably Christian Friedrich Witt, Suite in F (it's basically three voice plus b.c., can be done with two recorders, and can look for something else to fill the session)
  • Telemann horn/viola and recorder - HW potentially looking for a shot on horn, LW might want on viola; AS has seen, try MG?
  • maybe fun session for Poulenc Oboe Sonata - needs tenor played in (if I can make it work for me, it's not straightforward like the others) and to figure out how to play a few of the high notes on that instrument; from EUML.
  • Vivaldi A minor trio (rec/bn/harps.), CITY MA 709 V13, requires a firm date from AI. Or is this the Vivaldi trio we played without her?
  • CPE Bach D minor flute concerto. Free score to print at
  • Corelli La Follia, preferably with three to free up the keyboard player a bit.
  • Vivaldi Il Gardellino also a good option, the rest of RV443 maybe from from
  • more French for AS - Boismortier, can't remember what else I've got to hand easily.
  • AS/JC Shchedrin, Echoes, sopranino and organ - just to find out what the sound is, probably won't sound nice.
  • JC, MR, LN, opt. AI, with AS or MG: Zelenka Sonata II g-moll 2ob fag b.c. M417 .Z4 Zel; Barbella Concerto III fl 2vb.c. M422 .B27 Bar

Further afield, require sourcing:

  • jazz? Pete Rose, Kid from Venezuela?
  • maybe PJT 017 Sonata for Three by Alan Bullard for descant rec/flute, bassoon/cello and harpsichord/pno, ├ƒ‚├‚┬ú9.50 or PJT 002 Warbeck Trio by Stephen Dodgson for recorder, bassoon and harpsichord, ├ƒ‚├‚┬ú10.50 esp. if can find them locally. The only possibly relevant Dodgson at City is flute/viola/guitar; no Bullard.
  • Considering: PJT 118 - Recorder Concerto by Alan Bullard; Flights of Fancy by David Beck;13 ways of looking at a blackbird, Forshaw
  • Considering: Linde, flute, recorder, cembalo CITY MA 332 G613but need to check what it's like before scheduling.
  • Uhrovska╠ü zbierka piesni╠ü a tancov z roku 1730, Emanuel Munta╠üg, Martin : Matica slovenska╠ü, 1974, Monumenta musica Slovaca - but it's only the tunes, we would find it easier if we had arrangements, look for them. Uni Glasgow has a copy, maybe 6 euros at

Needs players:

  • Lennox Berkeley Concertino Op 49 (rec/vn/cello/harps.) - really does have to be strings, we think
  • CPE Bach Triosonata in D major (fl or vn/vn/b.c.) - but I still think alto/tenor works with minor rewriting for the tenor part (I'm probably more used to bending things than most people, try again when tenor played in?)
  • Telemann A Major blockflote/oboe/vn/b.c. EUML M422.T3 Tel.
  • Viola: brief and very simple aria with a great viola solo (Osman, Sprich vor mir, pg 51,,_HWV_1_%28Handel,_George_Frideric%29 2 fl, sight-readable tenor to G, va, bc); an inner voice for O ruddier than the cherry; need to construct parts. Also the Telemann horn and recorder trio sonata comes with a pull-out viola for horn; or maybe Bach BWV 6 for alto and oboe da caccia, substituting viola (if there's capella source on-line we can use the re-clef the part).
  • Telemann Concerto in E minor for recorder, flute & strings (TWV 52 e:1) - Could be nice to think about what he thinks is idiomatic for the old and new instruments. CITY MA 662 P13 (L9A ) looks like a reduction; university has a mini score; finding string players is probably harder than finding pull-out string parts.

Voice plus:

  • Handel, Almira has two arias for 2A plus tenor - but generally to A, I think. Sprich vor mir ein susses wort and Liebliche Walder schattige Felder. It has has 2Ob+Bass (Consalvo, Lass ein sauften...) but it looks a little dull, and 1Ob+Bass (Gonne nach den Thranen). There's a really nice 2Fl and tenor with a big viola di braccio solo (2 octave B-flat to B-flat; tenor to G and very simple; Osman, Sprich vor mir...)See,_HWV_1_%28Handel,_George_Frideric%29.
  • Handel, Agrappina has two kind of OK for a baritone with 2A, with some fudging - Vaghe Fonti che mormorando (pdf page 28), and volo pronto, e lieto il cove(pdf page 93, less good fit).,_HWV_6_%28Handel,_George_Frideric%29
  • give a score-read? soprano rec., baritone, harps., percussion * 2
  • is opera index for on-line scores
  • We're giving Telemann a rest so he doesn't do the keyboard players' heads in, but if we find a trumpet, I really fancy the one for St. Michael, but taken on trumpet, organ, and baritone - takes creating parts transposed down, but it would be worth it.
  • Bach BWV 6 for alto and oboe da caccia, but part is currently for an transposing instrument in F and not well-suited to horn Can in a pinch be taken on recorder using the "wrong" fingerings although it would be much better in a lower octave.

Queue for MR/AS/JC:

  • Staeps 4 Arrietten (JC copy)
  • Valentine Trio sonata in C (2A, pull-out b.c.) EUML M 319 Val.
  • Matteis elder Suite in G (A/T/pull-out b.c.) EUML M 322 .M319 Mat.
  • Telemann Trio Sonata in C (2A, pull-out b.c.) EUML M322 .P28 Tel.

Modern available without a library run (all one rec + piano or harps.)

  • Peter Pope Sonatina
  • Colin Hand Sonatina number 1 op 41
  • Gordon Jacob Suite
  • Chris Edmunds Sonatina (descant)
  • David Dubery Mrs Harris in Paris
  • Lennox Berkeley Sonatina
  • Norman Fulton, Scottish Suite
  • Ulrich Staeps,Dialoge
  • more now, need to prep.


  1. MAYBE: Boismortier Triov├ƒƒ├‚┬í son├ƒƒ├‚┬íta a - moll (op. 37/5) rec/bn/b.c.
  2. Corelli Sonata 1 rec/rec/b.c.
  3. Corelli Sonata da Camera - op. 2, ├ƒ„├‚┬Ź. 12, G - dur rec/rec/cello/b.c.
  4. Corelli Sonata da Chiesa - ├ƒƒ├‚┬║prava - op. 1, ├ƒ„├‚┬Ź. 10, c - moll - flauto dolce I., II. (fl. traversi ad lib.), viola da gamba (violoncello), basso continuo
  5. Dušek František Xaver Three Partitas ob/ob/bn no bass
  6. Hotteterre trio Son├ƒƒ├‚┬íta G dur (op. 3/6) or Son├ƒƒ├‚┬íta h moll (op. 3/3) (because French)
  7. Quantz and Sammartini trios also in there
  8. Jarmila Letn├ƒƒ├‚┬ş akvarely (verze pro fl├ƒƒ├‚┬ętny) - flauto I., II., III.
  9. Prowo Pierre Triov├ƒƒ├‚┬í son├ƒƒ├‚┬íta B - dur - flauto dolce I., II. (flauti traverso ad lib.), basso continuo
  10. Zlimacek ├ƒ„Œty├ƒ…™i miniatury pro fl├ƒƒ├‚┬ętnu a klav├ƒƒ├‚┬şr - Flauto traverso, piano, pages that show fit and look interesting
  11. Sieber Ignaz 333 Son├ƒƒ├‚┬íty 1 - 3 - flauto dolce/A/ (traverso ad lib.), basso continuo


  • Poulenc bn/ob/piano - the oboe is hard to fit to tenor in bits. AI has played it before.

The birds:

  • Williams trio sonata, in imitation of bird, EUML M78 WILL-13
  • O Ruddier than the Cherry
  • Telemann HGD - Trinity 10 (man and nightingale)
  • Weelkes,, The Nightingale - pretty much any two girls and a boy.
  • Thomas Tomkins, Adieu, ye city-prisoning towers. SSATB
  • any number of other madrigals, really
  • Some sombre Byrd for contrast- just pull out whatever we have in sets and run them as a sing-along
  • 13 ways of looking at a blackbird (Forshaw) or Flights of Fancy (David Beck - although two of them are insects...)
  • need a high and soaring kind of bird... I think the Vivaldi sea storm is a bird flying above the waves, and MR says she'll have it ready in three years...
  • Messiaen? Or do you need that funny synthesizer for everything he wrote?
  • Linde, Music for a Bird (MR can play that one smile ).

The courantes:

  • Corelli Trio Sonatas EUML M319 Cor. has two (marked corrente but still with the switching rhythm)
  • Mattheis Suite in G Minor M 322 .M319 Mat.. corrente
  • there's one in every Dieupart suite, but watch out, sometimes it's 10 bar repeats, they can't all be danceable. Party might involve the entire sixth suite to see how the flowers dance to different beats?
  • but need the picture off the Czech edition of the Witt


-- JeanCarletta - 04 Jul 2010

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