Redesigning the software

Here we can gather ideas to get the software to be nicer (since it's quite hackish as it is)


Online Learning Use Cases

  • Sequential Access to a list of databases
  • Binary Database Operations (cost function, dot product)
  • Overlay databases
  • Convert feature query to collection query and counting query.

I2 Use cases

  • Scored Select Query
  • unify table (make distinct)
  • Select rows of table A which are not in table B
  • Select rows which are active in a boolean vector
  • Use result of a query as values in other query
  • Use Tables that contain all elements of a namespace
  • Interpret several result columns as representing rows in certain tables


  • Lets try to adapt the DBMS architecture and add a few special operations to the layers to take account of solving operations
  • tables should have integer and double columns
  • User Layer (Model, Constraint, etc. all proper convenient classes from a client perspective)
  • Processing Layer (mapping of the above into arrays, ints, doubles, optimized for fast processing)

Random Requests

  • Query Should have a target types (i.e. you can define which tables the select columns represent)
  • Table "closing" etc. should be more transparent.
-- SebastianRiedel - 26 Oct 2006
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