Headlines Plugin


This plugin displays RSS and ATOM feeds from news sites. Use it to build news portals that show headline news.

Note: Syndic8.com ( http://www.syndic8.com/ ) is a good site listing many RSS feeds.

Syntax Rules


Parameter Explanation Default
"..." source of RSS feed; this can be an url (starting with http) or a web.topic location for internal feeds None; is required
href="..." (Alternative to above) N/A
refresh="60" Refresh rate in minutes for caching feed; "0" for no caching Global REFRESH setting
limit="12" Maximum number of items shown Global LIMIT setting
header Header. Can include these variables: - $channeltitle, $title: title of channel (channel.title)
- $channellink, $link: link of channel (channel.link)
- $channeldescription, $description: description (channel.description)
- $channeldate, $date: publication date of the channel (channel.pubDate)
- $rights: copyrights of the channel (channel.copyright)
- $imagetitle: title text for site (image.title)
- $imagelink: link for site (image.link)
- $imageurl: URL of image (image.url)
- $imagedescription: description of image (image.description)
Global HEADER setting
format Format of one item. Can include these variables:
- $title: news item title (item.title)
- $link: news item link (item.link)
- $description: news item description (item.description)
- $date: the publication date (item.pubDate, item.date)
- $category: the article category (item.category)
Global FORMAT setting

The header and format parameters might also use variables rendering the dc, image and content namespace information. Note, that only bits of interest have been implemented so far and those namespaces might not be implemented fully yet.

Rendering the dc namespace

The following variables are extracting the dc namespace info, that could be used in header and format. Nnote, that some of the variables are already used above. This is done by purpose to use different feeds with the same formating parameters. If there's a conflict the non-dc tags have higher precedence, i.e. a <title> content </title> is prefered over <dc:title> content </dc:title> .

  • $title: channel/article title (dc:title)
  • $creator: channel creator (dc:creator)
  • $subject: subject text; this will also add an image according to the subject hash list, see above (dc:subject)
  • $description: ... (dc:description)
  • $publisher: the channel/article publisher (dc:publisher)
  • $contributor: ... (dc:contributor)
  • $date: ... (dc:date)
  • $type: ... (dc:type)
  • $format: ... (dc:format)
  • $identifier: ... (dc:identifier)
  • $source: ... (dc:source)
  • $language: ... (dc:language)
  • $relation: ... (dc:relation)
  • $coverage: ... (dc: coverage)
  • $rights: ... (dc: rights)

Rendering the image namespace

An image:item is converted into an <img> tag using the following mappings:

  • src: image url (rdf:about attribute of the image.item tag)
  • alt: image title (title)
  • width: image width (image:width)
  • height: image height image:height)

Rendering the content namespace

The variable $content is refering to the <content:encoding> content </content:encoding>.


Slashdot News


  header="*[[$link][$title]]:* $description" 
  format="$t* [[$link][$title]]"
to get the latest Slashdot news as a bullet list format:

Business Opportunities Weblog


%HEADLINES{"http://www.business-opportunities.biz/feed" limit="3"}%

to get the latest postings on the "Business Opportunities" weblog:

Wed, 19 Feb 2020 17:29:58 +0000
The original blog about business opportunities and business ideas for small business entrepreneurs
Wed, 19 Feb 2020 00:18:18 +0000 Carrol Strain
Featured image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

When you own a business, having support services such as a courier can make your life easier. They can offer you the chance for you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Outsourcing your deliveries to couriers can remove a layer of responsibility and give you peace of mind. You can trust that packages will reach your customers on time. Below are ten reasons why you need a courier to succeed.

1. Your Courier Gives You an Opportunity to Streamline Your Business

Business owners always have dozens of things to worry about. One of these things is ensuring your employees are not overly stressed and working too hard.

Moreover, when you consider the pressure of getting packages to clients quickly, it can add up to a lot of worries of your own. However, when you outsource your deliveries to couriers, you can spend more time streamlining other parts of your business.

2. You'll Get Cost Savings on Linear Rates and Freight Pooling

Many courier companies will take items from the same area and deliver them on a bulk basis. This is considered a freight pool, and it can save your business tons of money.

On top of that, some of these couriers offer linear rate charges on parcels. When they do, you pay for what the package weighs rather than focusing on a standard rate for every item.

3. You Won't Need to Add Extra Employees to the Payroll

Recruiting and employing new employees can take a lot of time and energy. What’s more, many business owners find it challenging to find the perfect person for the job, even after researching and implementing options for employee efficiency.

However, when you outsource with couriers, there's no need to hire extra hands to deal with delivery services. Additionally, you'll have less need for driver training and certifications.

4. You Can Find Couriers Around the Globe

While you can't find everything you might want in a small city, you are likely to find a courier company no matter where you are based. Therefore, if you manage or own a company that is located in a rural area, a local courier company could be your best option for handling the deliveries you need to get out each and every day.

5. You Won't Need Extra Vehicles, Gas, or Repair Services

When you do all the deliveries on your own, you will spend a large amount of money on fuel. It also means having an assortment of delivery vehicles capable of handling large loads of packages and documents.

On the other hand, with a courier, you no longer have to worry about these costs. You can cut down on the vehicles you need to maintain and repair. Then you can spend the money you save on other business needs.

6. Your Courier Will Give You Guaranteed Delivery Times with Every Package

When your courier tells you that they will get a delivery to a specific location at a particular time, you can trust them. Unlike the large delivery companies, couriers put a lot of priority on meeting your needs to keep you as a customer.

Therefore, if the company says something will be there the same day, you can trust that it will actually happen.

7. With a Courier You Won't Need to Track a Fleet

When you have a fleet of delivery trucks, you also need to track and monitor them. This can be expensive, since you will require tracking software that shows vehicle movements.

However, you can eliminate this concern and save money by using a professional courier service that handles all those things for you.

8. Your Courier Offers Specialized Delivery of Fragile Items

For sensitive or perishable deliveries, a courier is the right choice. These companies have employees who are well-trained to work with these items in appropriate ways. Couriers can efficiently deliver these kinds of products, even on a global level.

9. You Can Let a Courier Ship Bulky and Heavy Items for You

A traditional express shipping or overnight delivery company can charge a lot for deliveries, especially heavy ones. Couriers are more focused on the distance they travel than the weight of the products. While there may be limits on size or weight, they still end up costing you less money in the long run.

10. You Can Take Advantage of Support and Service Around the Clock

When you can enjoy drop-off and pickup services around the clock, it can offer peace of mind. Many of these companies provide deliveries every day of the year and around the clock. Some even have the option of international parcel post when you use their couriers. In any case, you can expect to have customer support available at all times of the day.

It’s Smart to Partner with a High-Quality Courier

All businesses, large and small, can benefit from using couriers in their area. These services can save you time, ensure you meet the requests of your customers, and prevent you from spending too much.

So partner with a high-quality courier to ensure that your packages and documents get where they are supposed to go without a single concern.

The post Why the Humble Courier Is Vital to Your Business appeared first on Business Opportunities.

Tue, 18 Feb 2020 19:43:46 +0000 Carrol Strain

The information age has allowed us to experience some pretty awesome technological advances. There's the Internet, software as a service, social media, and so much more. But now that we are fairly comfortable with the things we can do, we even push the boundaries. As we do, we are finding that there are plenty of ways to revolutionize a business by using modern technology. Here are five ways you can reboot your business.


1. Increase Productivity

Productivity is something we can all benefit from, whether it's in our personal lives or in our businesses. And when you increase the productivity of your business, you are sure to reap the rewards in more ways than one. Engage Smart Office is just one tool you can use to give your team’s productivity a boost.

This piece of modern technology gives you the ability to coordinate employee engagement, meeting rooms, internal ticketing, and more. With so much at your fingertips, you and your employees will have more time to focus on other aspects of your business. This would certainly revolutionize your daily work flow.

2. Improve Customer Service

Every business is as good as its customer base. If you can't service your customers' needs, your brand and your business are going to suffer.

However, modern technology allows businesses to better understand and attend to the needs of the customer. You can now set up more intuitive interactions with your customers online and face to face.

3. Engage in Killer Marketing

Something as simple as a viral or well-timed social media post can take your small business into hyperspeed. However, beyond Twitter and Instagram, customer relationship management, or CRM, is another tool of modern technology that can help.

With this tool, you can streamline and revolutionize the way your business interacts with your customers, potential and current. In fact, it will help you to improve your relationships with all of your customers.

Meanwhile, it will also provide you with the necessary analytics to create killer marketing campaigns that will help you to grow your business.

4. Increase Accuracy

The ability to automate so many aspects of your business means it is becoming more and more difficult to make certain kinds of mistakes. The truth is, you will experience greater accuracy in your bookkeeping, analytics, record keeping, and so much more by relying on modern technology.

Being able to rely on accurate calculations can free up more time for focusing on other aspects of your business. For example, you can better devise a great marketing campaign or source better materials.

5. Lower Costs with Modern Technology

Perhaps the most popular way to utilize modern technology in business is to lower the cost of doing business. When you use technology you become more efficient. You only need one person to handle the technology that does the work of two or three people. This gives you the power to retain more of your profits.

Let Modern Technology Revolutionize Your Business

How you choose to use the advances modern technology offers is completely up to you. Give your business a technological boost and see where it takes you.

In general, technology has helped every field move forward with great strides. This includes medicine, science, communication, education, and now business-your business.

Get more great ideas for making your business better by browsing our blog.

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Featured Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Most business owners look forward to the day when they can retire in comfort. However, in order to enjoy a comfortable future, you must invest your money wisely today.

Investing is another source of income as well as an additional layer of security for your retirement. Additionally, it helps to increase your wealth and make your financial goals a little more realistic.

The new year is certainly in full swing, so what better time to start finally investing your money and seeing long-term growth and prosperity. At the very least, 2020 brings the opportunity to look at how well any existing investments have performed and decide where to invest your money next.

Below we list some suggestions for where to invest your money in 2020.

Invest Your Money in Real Estate

One thing that's for certain is that as long as there are people, there will always be a demand for real estate. While real estate prices fluctuate, many people are still investing their money in real estate. Buying and owning real estate is an exciting investment strategy that can be both satisfying and profitable.

The key is looking for the right markets where it will be best for you to invest your money. There are some that will always be in demand. However, if you are looking for something that is going to give you a large return quickly, consider investing your money in emerging cities such as Budapest or Sheffield.


If you're needing some inspiration to get started with investing your money in real estate, just take a look at the likes of Mark Pears, who has an estimated net worth of £3.245bn.

Pears is considered one of the top real estate investors in the UK. To say the least, he has an extensive property portfolio. The William Pears Group is the latest major private property investor in the social housing market.

Stock Markets Offer Good Investments

The past 12 months have demonstrated a bright future for stock markets. What’s more, the stock market remains the best way to invest your money for building your long-term wealth.

So whether you're new to the stock market, thinking of getting back in, or just want a refresher on why to invest in stocks, there's no shortage of opportunities waiting for you.


If you invest your money in the stock markets correctly, statistics show that you can grow the money you invest by anywhere from 7% to 10% per year over the long term.

To give just one example, a successful stock market investor you might have heard of is George Soros. Soros is commonly known as the man who ''broke the Bank of England.''

He earned this reputation when, in September 1992, he risked $10 billion on a single trade in which he bet against the British Pound. The risk ended well for Soros. In a single day he made more than $1 billion. Moreover, throughout his career he has been responsible for numerous impressive investments.

Consider Investing Your Money in Start-Ups

It's easy to overlook the opportunities that arise from investing your money with certain small start-up companies.

Venture capital is an ideal financing structure for start-ups, many of which need capital in order to flourish. These companies will most likely serve time in the red zone. However, some of them will become profitable companies. In fact, global companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google were once venture-backed start-ups.

The great thing about investing in start-ups is the vast opportunities that come with them. Tej Kohli, a UK-based entrepreneur, says investing your money in start-ups is like being a kid in a candy store. He thus has plans to turbocharge Britain’s start-up scene.

Kohli has so far spent around £40m backing British technology firms such as Open Bionics and the machine learning start-up Seldon. Moreover, he is already reaping the benefits.

Invest Your Time and Your Money in Yourself

It sounds cliché, but really, there's no better investment than to invest your money and your time in yourself. Whether you’re investing in your career, your health, or perhaps managing your debts, investing in yourself is always a good way to go.

Mental health no longer carries a stigma, for example, and the opportunities to invest in mindfulness are endless. Whether you take a yoga class, attend therapy, or simply join a gym, your investments in yourself will ensure that you reach your optimum output level at work as well as in your personal life.

A Final Note

To reach your long-term goals, investing your money and your time is proven to be the way forward. While cash savings can be hugely affected by inflation, the stock market, the real estate industry, and opportunities to invest in start-ups tend to have smaller risks attached to them in the long run. These areas are where investing your money can give you greater returns on your investments.

It might be a good idea to discuss with a financial adviser how and where you should be investing your money. Then you can more confidently start building a more comfortable and secure future this very day.

For more tips and inspiration to help you run your business, be sure to browse our blog frequently.

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Plugin Settings

Plugin settings are stored as preferences variables. To reference a plugin setting write %<plugin>_<setting>%, for example, %HEADLINESPLUGIN_SHORTDESCRIPTION%. Note: Don't modify the settings here; copy and customize the settings in Main.TWikiPreferences. For example, to customize the USERAGENTNAME setting, create a HEADLINESPLUGIN_USERAGENTNAME setting in Main.TWikiPreferences.

  • One line description, shown in the TextFormattingRules topic:
    • Set SHORTDESCRIPTION = Show headline news in TWiki pages based on RSS and ATOM news feeds from external sites

  • Refresh rate in minutes for cached feeds. Disable caching: 0, default: 60
    • Set REFRESH = 60

  • Maximum number of items shown. Default: 100
    • Set LIMIT = 100

  • Use LWP::UserAgent, or fallback to TWiki's internal getUrl() method. Default: yes

  • Timeout fetching a feed using the LWP::UserAgent. Default: 20

  • Name of user agent. Default: TWikiHeadlinesPlugin/2.21
      * Set USERAGENTNAME = TWikiHeadlinesPlugin/2.21

  • Default header: (variables are explained in the syntax rules)
      * Set HEADER = <div class="headlinesChannel"><div class="headlinesLogo"><img src="$imageurl" alt="$imagetitle" border="0" />%BR%</div><div class="headlinesTitle">$n---+!! <a href="$link">$title</a></div><div class="headlinesDate">$date</div><div class="headlinesDescription">$description</div><div class="headlinesRight">$rights</div></div>

  • Default format of one item: (variables are explained in the syntax rules)
      * Set FORMAT = <div class="headlinesArticle"><div class="headlinesTitle"><a href="$link">$title</a></div>$n<span class="headlinesDate">$date</span> <span class="headlinesCreator"> $creator</span> <span class="headlinesSubject"> $subject </span>$n<div class="headlinesText"> $description</div></div>

  • Values taken from configure: (only supported if CPAN:LWP is installed)
    • $TWiki::cfg{PROXY}{HOST} - proxy host, such as "proxy.example.com";
    • $TWiki::cfg{PROXY}{PORT} - proxy port, such as "8080";
    • $TWiki::cfg{PROXY}{SkipProxyForDomains} - domains excluded from proxy, such as "intra.example.com, bugs.example.com";

Style sheets

The default HEADER and FORMAT settings use the following styles. See the style.css file defining the default CSS properties (indentation illustrates enclosure).

  • headlinesRss: output of the HeadlinesPlugin (div)
    • headlinesChannel: channel header (div)
      • headlinesLogo: channel logo (div)
      • headlinesTitle: channel title (div)
      • headlinesDate: channel date (div)
      • headlinesDescription: channel description (div)
      • headlinesRight: channel copyright (div)
    • headlinesArticle: one news item (div)
      • headlinesTitle: article title (div)
      • headlinesDate: article date (span)
      • headlinesCreator: author of article (span)
      • headlinesSubject: subect category of the article (span)
      • headlinesText: article text (div)

Plugin Installation Instructions

  • Download the ZIP file
  • Unzip it in your twiki installation directory. Content:
    File: Description:Sorted ascending
    pub/TWiki/HeadlinesPlugin/style.css default css
    lib/TWiki/HeadlinesPlugin/Core.pm plugin core
    lib/TWiki/HeadlinesPlugin.pm plugin perl module
    data/TWiki/HeadlinesPlugin.txt plugin topic
    Check if above examples show a news feed instead of variable.
  • Optionally, run HeadlinesPlugin_installer.pl to automatically check and install other TWiki modules that this module depends on. You can also do this step manually.
  • Alternatively, manually make sure the dependencies listed in the table below are resolved.
    Digest::MD5>=2.33Required. Download from CPAN:Digest::MD5
    LWP::UserAgent>=5.803Optional. Download from CPAN:LWP::UserAgent

Plugin Info

Plugin Author: TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny, TWiki:Main.MichaelDaum
Copyright: © 2002-2009, Peter Thoeny, TWIKI.NET; 2005-2007, Michael Daum http://wikiring.de
License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
Plugin Version: v2.21 - 12 Feb 2009
Change History:  
12 Feb 2009: {PROXY}{HOST} supports domain with and without protocol -- Peter Thoeny
06 Feb 2009: added {PROXY}{SkipProxyForDomains} configure setting, added USERAGENTNAME plugin setting -- Peter Thoeny
11 Dec 2008: added {PROXY}{HOST} and {PROXY}{PORT} configure settings -- Peter Thoeny
13 Sep 2007: fixed parsing of content:encoded
23 Jul 2006: improved atom parser; if a posting has no title default to 'Untitled'
26 Apr 2006: added lazy compilation
10 Feb 2006: packaged using the TWiki:Plugins/BuildContrib; minor fixes
03 Feb 2006: off-by-one: limit="n" returned n+1 articles; make FORMAT and HEADER format strings more robust
23 Jan 2006: released v2.00
05 Dec 2005: internal feed urls must be absolute
02 Dec 2005: added web.topic shorthand for internal feeds
29 Nov 2005: fixed CDATA handling
21 Nov 2005: added ATOM support; extended RSS support; added dublin core support; added content support; optionally using LWP to fetch feeds to follow redirections; corrected CPAN dependencies ; recoding special chars from html integer to entity encoding to increase browser compatibility; added css support; use getWorkArea() if available
11 May 2005: TWiki:Main.WillNorris: added DevelopBranch compatability
31 Oct 2004: Fixed taint issue by TWiki:Main.AdrianWeiler; small performance improvement
29 Oct 2004: Fixed issue of external caching if mod_perl or SpeedyCGI is used
02 Aug 2002: Implemented caching of feeds, thanks to TWiki:Main/RobDuarte
11 Jun 2002: Initial version (V1.000)
Perl Version: 5.8
TWiki:Plugins/Benchmark: GoodStyle 100%, FormattedSearch 99.5%, HeadlinesPlugin 94%
Plugin Home: TWiki:Plugins/HeadlinesPlugin
Feedback: TWiki:Plugins/HeadlinesPluginDev
Appraisal: TWiki:Plugins/HeadlinesPluginAppraisal

-- TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny - 12 Jan 2009
-- TWiki:Main.MichaelDaum - 13 Sep 2007

Topic revision: r1 - 13 Feb 2009 - 03:55:45 - TWikiContributor
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