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Definition of a dependency grammar:

A quintuple (S,C,W,L,T) where:

  • W is a vocabulary of terminals
  • C is a vocabulary of non-terminals
  • S is a distinguished member of C
  • L is a lexicon, i.e. a set of pairs c:w where c is in C and w is in W
  • T is a set of dependency rules.
A dependency rule has the format c(d1...dn,e1...en) where d, di, ei are all in C.

An example dependency grammar has the following lexicon:

  • noun: I, man, park, telescope
  • verb: saw
  • adj: old
  • det: a, the
  • prep: in, with
And the following rules (including Kleene stars for convenience):
  • verb(noun,prep*)
  • verb(noun,noun prep*)
  • noun(adj*,prep*)
  • noun(det adj*,prep*)
  • prep(,noun)
  • adj(,)
  • det(,)

Note: it appears that the lexicon and rules can be fused as follows:

  • saw:verb(noun,prep*)
  • saw:verb(noun,noun prep*)
  • I,man,park,telescope:noun(adj*,prep*)
  • I,man,park,telescope:noun(det adj*,prep*)
  • in,with:prep(,noun)
  • old:adj(,)
  • a,the:det(,)
This is basically a categorial grammar, or a TAG. Dependency trees are formed by combining the elementary/lexical trees:

Gomez-Rodriguez, Carroll and Weir (2008)

Carlos Gomez-Rodriguez, John Carroll and David Weir (2008). "A deductive approach to dependency parsing". Proceedings of ACL-HLT'08.

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