Package Repositories for Mac OS X

Fink and MacPorts (aka DarwinPorts) are essentially package management frameworks for management of common UNIX packages on Mac OS X. UNIX and Mac OS X at certain levels have quite different approaches to managing software, these tools help manage the UNIX side in such a way that it doesn't mess up the Mac OS X side.

Note that Fink and MacPorts are not the only solution to this problem, a number of UNIX applications have been ported to Mac OS X using more pollitically correct methods. Some of these applications can be found in the MacOSXUsefulSoftware section.


The O'Reilly MacDevCenter article Installing Fink on Mac OS X by Koen Vervloesem (09/30/2005) gives a full and frank discussion and instructions.

Fink Commander is a Graphical User Interface for Fink.

MacPorts, previously known as DarwinPorts

Note that this repository also contains many 'Aqua' mac apps, using native Carbon/Cocoa interfaces rather than solely UNIX ports. It is based on the FreeBSD 'port' system of source package management.

-- CarwynEdwards (from MacOSXFinkAndDarwinPorts) - 21 Sep 2005 -- GrahamDutton - 16 Sep 2008

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