Installing Matlab on a Self-managed machine

These instructions allow you to use your own mac to access the Informatics Matlab service, using our media and licence server. You will need to be connected to the Informatics network via cable or Informatics VPN in order to use Matlab, though installation can be performed offline.

Before you begin: you will need two pieces of information.

  • The file installation key. Support can give this to you.

  • The license file (license.dat). Again, support can give this to you.

Performing the installation

  • Pop in the DVD; load InstallForMacOSX.dmg from the disc.
  • Choose "Install manually without using the Internet" from the installer setup prompt.
  • Read very carefully to make sure that you understand and agree with each clause of the licence agreement. Check with an independent legal advisor if required.
  • Click 'continue' to confirm installation onto your main hard disk.
  • Select "I have the File Installation Key for my license" and enter your file installation key, as provided by support.
  • You may choose to install MATLAB along with any toolboxes you require; make sure to specifically deselect "Licence manager" as it is of no use.
  • Leave or modify install path as required - we recommend leaving it as is unless you know what you're doing
  • When prompted to provide license file location, browse to and select the license.dat file provided to you by support.
  • Press continue. Installation will now proceed automatically and provide MATLAB in your Applications folder.

Once installation has finished, you should be able to launch Matlab from your Applications folder.

Setting environment variables

This section below is now no longer required but included for posterity. In general, it should only be used for troubleshooting or where you have an old installation without a license.dat file. If you have installed using a license.dat file, you don't need to do the following.

You will need to set an environment variable to point it at our licence server. You can do this in any of the normal ways.

The Mac (per-user) way of doing this is to append the variable to your environment using the single Terminal command:

 $ defaults write ~/.MacOSX/environment MLM_LICENSE_FILE -string <licence file path>

(note that the licence file path above should not include the angle-brackets). You can check that the operation has succeeded by typing:

 $ open ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist 

and checking that the entered variable appears under Root.

Log out and back in, and you should find that MATLAB launches without activation prompt. If you see the activation dialog this means that your machine has probably not found its licence file, or it has been written incorrectly.

Problems on Snow Leopard

If you find you are having problems getting MATLAB to launch, you may have a problem with your Java version; especially with Snow Leopard. This may be the case if you are using Matlab 2008b. It probably is not the case if you are running Matlab 2010b.

Firstly, make sure in Java Preferences, 32-bit Java is first in the sequence. You can set this by going to Go --> Utilities --> Java Preferences --> Clicking and dragging 32-bit above 64-bit and closing. You should not need to logout or reboot. You should also be able to change back to 64-bit once MATLAB is running.

Secondly, if you are still having problems, you may need to install Java 1.5, making sure to click and drag the 32-bit version to the top from inside Java Preferences after installation.

You can download Java 1.5 and follow the install directions from here:

Though note that the above instructions leave you running a version of Java unsupported by Apple, and which may be subject to unpatched security flaws.

If you are still having problems with MATLAB launching, start the X Window client first, then start MATLAB.

-- GrahamDutton - 12 Aug 2009

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