File Transfer on Max OS X

The following file transfer methods are discussed here, mainly from the point of view of getting to and from DICE.

  • Apple Filing Protocol (afp)
  • Samba (smb)


SFTP and SCP are both file transfter mechanisms that use SSH as the underlying carrier mechanism. This means that you can use these to any machine you can ssh to. OpenSSH has command line sftp and scp tools as part of the standard distribution, see their respective man pages for more information.

For a richer command line interface you may also want to look at LFTP which has job control and nice interface features like remote side filename tab completion.

Fugu SFTP Client

TODO: Write this.

Fugu home page

Fetch FTP Client

Fetch is an easy-to-use, full-featured FTP and SFTP client for the Apple Macintosh. Fetch Softworks offer Fetch for free for educational or charitable use.

To download Fetch, go to Fetch Softworks and click one of the download links. When you first install and run the software you will be asked for the Registration Information given below.

Serial Number Name: School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh

Serial Number: removed for now

Do not make the serial number available to people outside Informatics; doing so will lead to Fetch Softworks disabling the serial number.

See the FAQ

Fetch Softworks offer Fetch for free for educational or charitable use, however they are not able to offer free technical support. If you find you need support, please purchase a regular license.

-- MichaelFourman - 17 Sep 2005

Removed serial number as this web is public.

-- CarwynEdwards - 21 Sep 2005

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