VFB Viewer Roadmap

Immedate Plans and bug fixes

  1. Turn cursor to a hand on clik on the main image to indicate dragging action

  1. Click on a term on the tree displays corresponding domain

  1. Only show one domain at a time on click. If more nodes need to be highlighted, eg for exploring spacial relation between the domains, these should be explicitly ticked "on".

  1. The currently highlighted domain becomes active, ie:

    • The annotation area displays annotation for that node.

    • The header of the "Annotation Tree and Search" changes to indicate the current active node name

  1. "Clear all" collapses the tree (to the first level) - complete

  1. Provide wider autocomplete box, perhaps at the expense of the "Locate" button

Long-term Plans and Ideas

*Explore: *

  • Creating collection of terms (AKA basket) using shift-click mouse event
  • Collecting a history of clicked nodes/domains to choose items for the basket

6. Provide wider autocomplete box, perhaps at the expense of the "Locate" button

7. Autocomplete functionality should be improved (AND search on space; explore usage of the synonyms).

8. Check if it's possible to organise page layout in %, rather than pre-set sizes and make window expandable. Alternatively, provide a set of alternative layouts for different user monitor sizes. Explore interfaces with restricted set of or hidden tools and tree.

-- NestorMilyaev - 28 Jun 2010

Topic revision: r1 - 28 Jun 2010 - 14:11:29 - NestorMilyaev
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