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For kids, teenagers and even adults, gaming is one of the most entertaining things to do. Almost everyone follows the new games coming in the market on periodic basis and we have seen the growth and the popularity of the gaming industry escalate over the years. One of the leaders in gaming industry is Ninetendo which has become a house hold name and anyone who takes a keen interest in gaming knows about Nintendo. Nintendo provides not only hardware but also software for all the gaming needs of its followers. With the introduction of R4 DS, Nintendo has changed the entire concept of its gaming business and has transformed its gaming console into complete entertainment. R4 DS has revolutionized the Nintendo gaming console.

With R4 DS, you can not only play the actual games on your Nintendo console, but you can also watch movies, videos and just play music. Primarily what Nintendo has tried to accomplish is very intelligent. They have in a way eliminated the need for it customers to have a separate dvd player for movies, music system or other devices and Nintendo has consolidated everything in a single console.

R4 DS is currently the leader in DS-SLOT 1 flash carts. It is an absolutely fantastic little device like it's the original DS cart size. With this you don't need to purchase any other software. Today it is the best way for media enhancement if you want to stay away from different additional soft wares or plug-ins.

One of the main advantages of R4 DS is that it is exceptionally easy to use and is primarily user friendly for almost everyone. You can easily install it and then feel the difference in media enhancements.

Some of the main features of R4 DS are that they are a second generation storage device and there is no booting required for installation. These are built in no pass. They automatically detect save type. They use MicroSD card. They work on any operating system and they support clean rom. Any changes are saved directly to MicroSD card and not to onboard chip. Since they have an open i/o interface so they support moon shell and other homebrew. They also support rumble pak and memory pak. They also support changes to the background of operating interface. They support all WiFi games, DS browser and DS rumble pak. They support any MicroSD card speed without any noticeable lag in game speeds. They support 4 scale lightness adjustments. They support the soft reset. They also support the auction replay cheat. They have a user friendly skinnable interface. They also support Skin DIY by setting font colors and background on the game menu and main menu both manually or automatically depending on the user's preference.

With so many advantages of R4 DS, especially the fact that the customer only has to buy a Nintendo console and R4 DS for all its entertainment needs, R4 DS is sweeping not only the gaming industry but also the entertainment industry.

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