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NFS Nitro was made public during the recent EA press conference pre E3, both for the Nintendo Wii is for Nintendo DS. Its distinguishing feature is that of being the first game designed specifically for the Nintendo Wii. The machines in the game for the Wii looks to have a cartoon with logos bigger and wider rear wheels and are combined with fantastic graphics enhanced by burning 60 frames per second of play.

The game takes place in five cities: Rio de Janeiro, Cairo, Madrid, Shanghai and Dubai and there is also the "World Tour" which feature multiplayer support for up to 4 players, allowing you to unlock new cars, parts, new tracks etc.. The game consists in 130 missions on race circuits worldwide competitions that include fast, slow and competitions to test timing. You can also draw graffiti on the walls of the track and win these races when you can earn four stars instead of the usual three that earn during a normal race.

The control buttons are quite easy to use. The machine can turn left or right using the Wii remote. The acceleration is done by pressing the button "A" and the brakes are activated by pressing the button "B". The thrust of the turbo can be used simply by shaking the Wii Remote, the game works fine even with an attachment that moves Nunchuck controls the machine with an analogue joystick. The police will inseguirą during the latter stages of the final game but you can protect yourself be stopped by using the push of force that are scattered along the way so as to lower the temperature of the car when you travel.

Even with the DS version race in six cities, but you need to drive through a series of circular paths and mark a section of the race. The presence of the police during the course is made to create the checkpoints and you can avoid pressing the "X" button to jump. The game includes ten ways that have changed and some unexpected turns. The game will be released towards the end of this year, is an excellent purchase....


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