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Using the Webots simulator for Nao in Windows

There appears to be a problem with Webots using NaoQi from the Visual Studio 9 (2008) zip package:

When a Nao world is loaded into Webots, a console window will appear for a brief second and then disappear. That was attempting to load NaoQi for Webots, nao-in-webots.exe, but fails for no apparent reason (you may even receive a request to debug the program, if so just ignore it).

Since this program does not come with source code, it is impossible to locate and fix the problem, but there is a workaround for this. Instead of using the Visual Studio 9 version, use the Visual Studio 8 version located in Although untested, it should be ok to replace the bin folder of the VC90 version with the VC80 version (but it's easier to make a new SDK directory for the VC80 version and set AL_DIR to use that instead; I don't think there's any code update from 8 to 9).

This may, but very unlikely, only apply to Windows XP - this has not been tested for Vista and 7.

-- MichaelGibson - 18 Nov 2009

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