Hi everyone, I hope this is a good idea. I've added my Matric number so you can work out my email address. It'd be great if you could all do the same so we can all contact each other. --Toby

  Orders Plants
1 Ivan Dimitris Elisavet- s1058815
2 Michaela Nikos Steve - s0815874
3 Matthew - s0823680 Dimitris Toby - s0700044
4 Craig - s0784973   Robert

-- TobyFoster - 05 Oct 2010

Hi I have done the same!

Toby if you want we can arrange a meeting on Saturday ,with Seve and Robert too.

-- ElisavetKaisari - 07 Oct 2010

Hi, we will meet with my team (plants) in appleton tower on Saturday at 3 p.m. to discuss about requirements and use case. It would be good at least one member of each other team (O and D) to be there

Dimitris-- Main.s1056938 - 08 Oct 2010

Hi everyone,

Toby and I are meeting tomorrow at 5 o'clock/ Thursday/ on level 4 main area. We want to sort out the use cases and class diagrams and some other issues. If somebody else is free,please come along smile (Plants?)

Mihaela (Orders)- -- Main.s0818855 - 13 Oct 2010

Hi guys

we really need to meet more people to discuss the project because there are some serious changes to discuss- we got a hint from Massimo but it's not the most efficient one and we need to talk about it. With Toby we have another idea but we need more people.(PLANTS!)

Toby and I are free tomorrow at 1'00 and we are going to meet on lv 4 - just step by

Mihaela - -- Main.s0818855 - 14 Oct 2010

Shall we start using the CVS and get each groups class diagrams, etc. up? - Matthew

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