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SDP 2022 Wiki

WARNING: work in progress!

Main Links

The SDP Course Page can be found here

The SDP 2021 Project Web Sites can be found here (?)

The SDP 2020 Project Web Sites can be found here

Robotics: Science and Systems Course Page:-

Remote Access to Informatics Computers

Setting up a VPN to remotely connect to Informatics Services -

How to remotely login to a DICE lab computer -

How to create a Remote Desktop session to connect to DICE -

Computing Support can be contacted via the form here -

Installing software on DICE yourself -

Available Software -



FacilitiesGuide - Guide to the facilities in the Appleton Tower Level 3 labs.

ATCovid19Rules - Appleton Tower Covid-19 Rules.

LabRules - Rules for using the lab.

PriceList - List of prices of materials, modules, and technician time.

BudgetGuidelines - Guidelines on how to budget your project.

Design and Manufacture

3D Printing Guide -

Autodesk software for students -

TARGET 3001! PCB -

Other Facilities

uCreate Studio -

Free-Use Hub -


Available Hardware -

Hardware Platform and Connection Guide


Platform Guide:-

Robot Connection Guide:-

EV3 - Raspberry Pi - Arduino Connection Diagram:-


Robot Battery Life Calculator -

Lego EV3 Mindstorms

EV3 Guide -


Lego EV3 Kit Contents-


Motor and Sensor Code Scripts {GitHub!} -

EV3 Test Files {GitHub!}

EV3 Bluetooth Files {GitHub!}

Lego EV3 Mindstorms -

EV3Dev website -

Library and example code to create a TCP port between Arduino - EV3 - Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Guide -


Raspberry Pi Kit Contents:-

Raspberry Pi Connection Diagram:-


Raspberry Pi and Turtlebot Camera Guide -

Raspberry Pi apt-get guide for SDPRobots (EXPERIMENTAL) -

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ -

Library and example code to create a TCP port between Arduino - EV3 - Raspberry Pi


Arduino Guide -


Arduino Kit Contents:-

Arduino Connection Diagram:-


Arduino Power/IO, Motor, and Encoder Boards


Arduino Power/Interface Board Diagram:-

Motor Board Diagram:-

Rotational Encoder Board Diagram:-


SDP Arduino library - include this from your Arduino code {GitHub!} -

Arduino Motor Test Code - look at this to see how to speak to the motors {GitHub!} -

Motor Board Chip Code {GitHub!} - Motor Chip Code

Rotary Encoder Board Chip and Example Code {GitHub!} - Rotary Encoder Example Code

Rotary Encoder Board Library Files {GitHub!} - Rotary Encoder Library Files

SRF Command Mode Setup Guide -][SRF Command Mode Setup Information For Arduino and RF USB sticks


SRF Command Mode Details - SRF Command Mode Details


RF Test Code -

Arduino Uno Rev 3 -

I2C Bus Scanner -

Library and example code to create a TCP port between Arduino - EV3 - Raspberry Pi

Turtlebot3 and Robotic Arm User Guide

Turtlebot3 and Robotic Arm Guide -

Turtlebot3 -

Pincherx 100 Robot Arm -

Other Sub-Platforms

Phidgets web page -

Seeed Studio Grove system -

Lego Robot Construction

Robot Building and Physics Guide-


Robot Physics:-

Lego Robot Building Guide Some Basic Tips to get you started :-


The Art of Lego -

Lego Design information -

How Lego Gearing Works -

Lego Motors detailed info -

Legos Part Store -

Unnoficial Lego Parts Stores -

Holonomic motion paper including the maths (from a RoboCup SSL team)


Raspberry Pi Toddler and Sandbox Setup Information -

Raspberry Pi Toddler and Sandbox Documentation -

SDP Code Bases

Please note that all code bases are supplied "as is", and should be considered unsupported.

SDP 2021 Code Bases

SDP 2020 Code Bases

SDP 2019 Code Bases

SDP 2018 Code Bases


Arnold -

RoboTour -

Pour it:-

SpamBot :-

Lollibot:- Lollibot App:-

DipensED :-


SDP2020 QA Sessions

Health & Safety, Pitch Feedback, How To and Manufacturing

General Fault Finding

Prototyping & Soldering


SDP Robot Football Links

SDP Robot Football Code Archives


SDP CodeArchive2015, SDP CodeArchive2014, SDP CodeArchive2013, SDP CodeArchive2012, SDP Code Archive2011


SDP 2016 2-Wheel Drive Example System:-

The Best of SDP's Robot Football Years:- SDP2010 Group 6 Holly, SDP2011 Group 11 and SDP2014 Group 9

SDP 2016 Holonomic Drive Example System:-

SDP Videos:- SDP Match Videos

SDP Robot Photos:-SDP2014Robot Photos,

SDP Web Utilities

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