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Please add to this list if you can think of any new distinct tasks

  • Model Source Code Editor
  • Icon Design
  • Redesign Options Menus
  • Context Menu / Tab / Toolbar Design
  • Pane Layout
  • Graph Display
  • Log / Output Display
  • Multiple projects at once (Gilmore deems unnecessary)
  • Ensuring a consistant and intuitive interface

Research Areas

This should be completed as soon as possible so we can make a start

  • Changing current "look and feel" including layout prototyping for component re-organisation and addition - Duncan DONE
  • Getting other groups to submit required buttons/menu items/context menu items for the features that they are implementing - Adam ONGOING - See GUIWishList
  • Market research: ask what current users of Prism find irritating or difficult to use in the current interface - Raggy DONE
  • Examples of good current Java GUIs that we could take ideas from - Sebastian DONE
  • Clear up ambiguities with Stephen Gilmore and initial organisation - Will DONE
  • Investigations into Java Swing. Perhaps get some library books on this topic to give us methodologies on how to create a functional (yet stunning!) user interface - Charles DONE

Current Subtasks

  • WILL Implementing further features for the new navigation menu
  • DUNCAN Overall layout of the GUI, splash screen, loading bar, general debugging
  • RAGGY Joining Charles to add further features to the editor
  • SEBASTIAN Responding to requests for context menus and toolbar functionality
  • CHARLES Improving the editor (undo - DONE, redo - DONE, line numbers - DONE, error messaging, indentation, bracket matching etc)
  • ADAM Making the options menus look better and integrating the options with the main program.

Completed Subtasks

  • SEBASTIAN Redesigning the toolbar(s)
  • RAGGY Improving the Experiments pane
  • WILL Improving the functionality of the tree.
  • RAGGY Working on a questionaire for current users - cancelled
  • SEBASTIAN Making a tree view instead of tabs for presentation to Gill on Wednesday 11th Oct
  • WILL, DUNCAN Digging into the source code. Experiments with porting over to SWT. Generation of a class diagram for the entire system
  • DUNCAN Research: viability of porting to SWT
  • WILL Hacking Swing to make it look less javery.
  • WILL Incorporating the tabs into the tree
  • DUNCAN Overall layout of the GUI
  • CHARLES Added undo/redo capabilities to the text model editor.
  • CHARLES Added line numbers to the text model editor, with an error icon appearing on the line where an error occurs for a Prism model file.
  • CHARLES Combined the Pepa and Prism model editors to make use of the undo/redo manager and line numbers in both.


  • In options menu, if you select an item for edit then deselect, user loses the ability to edit the item again.
  • The whole window is resizing in a non deterministic way.

-- DuncanHarrison - 10 Oct 2006

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