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  • Zak: "I don't need RAM; I remember everything"
  • Chris: "Mike, how do you sleep at night when you're thinking of all this coding?"
    Mike: "Just have a wank man: release all that pent up coding love"
  • Chris: "Cat's mum... ohhhh......\n" "That sounds bad, doesn't it?"
  • Des: "My girlfriend thinks that all my friends are from the internet" Alistair: "Well, you are a creepy guy Des"
  • Mike: "I'll show you how to code" (in C, to Alistair)
  • Alistair: "I can read x86 assembler, amd64 assembler, arm assembler. It's really quite fun when you get into it." Desmond: "You are scary."
  • Mike: I am in favour of IQ filtered internet
  • Des: "Broken code means broken legs"
  • Mike: "Lets approach 2 from the front and 2 from behind, we'll take them by surprise"

-- ChrisPaton - 11 Oct 2006

Poor Coding Examples

n00b of the Week

We won't be naming the individual responsible for this shocking bit of Java, but I'm sure you'll guess from his hilarious println code:

catch(SettingException e) {



//do nothing


Classic PRISM Coding Examples

Absolutely atrocious use of naming... Even in the comments, they note it as a "panel to store tabs". SO WHY NOT CALL IT F***ING TABPANEL!!!!!!!!
JPanel thePanel = new JPanel(); // panel to store tabs
For programmers that are clearly capable of producing hundreds of thousands of lines of code, they haven't quite got to grips with the basics.

And don't get me started on the classes named Apple, Orange, Pear and any other fruit you can come up with. I propose we rename the parent package "fruit salad".
And while I'm ranting, this Wiki is very annoying...

-- WillRyan - 11 Oct 2006

public void closeDown() { closeDown(true); }

public void closeDown(boolean check) {...


-- AlanCampbell - 11 Oct 2006

case 1: {break;}

case 2: doExit = false;

default: doExit = false;

-- AlanCampbell - 16 Oct 2006


public void exit() {

Does not always call exit on close.

-- DesmondElliott - 25 Oct 2006

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