GUI Team

Focused on improving the Swing GUI compontents of PRISM.


  • Will
  • Sebastian
  • Duncan
  • Raggy
  • Adam
  • Charles


  • Access to functionality inconsistent
  • Some screen real estate wasted at the top of the screen
  • Editor has no undo function
  • Low contrast interface has poor readability: grey background too dark
  • Editor: no search and replace, no context menu

Project Team

Focused on implementing a notion of a project and improving the file handling within PRISM.


  • Ben
  • Iain
  • Alan
  • Des
  • Chris


  • No history
  • No project concept
  • No recent documents (models, properties)
  • No facility to save experiments

Visualisation Team

Focused on developing the various uses graphing and visualisation within PRISM and improving export options associated with these.


  • Mike
  • Alistair
  • Nargess
  • Zak


  • No printing options (chart to PDF, iText)
  • Plotting application unfriendly (no export to gnuplot or CSV)
  • Visualisation of time series data lacking

Low Priority / Extras

  • Installer
  • Java Help
  • Website

-- AlanCampbell - 04 Oct 2006

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