The Isabelle Theorem Prover

Isabelle is a generic proof assistant. It allows mathematical formulas to be expressed in a formal language and provides tools for proving those formulas in a logical calculus (including higher order logic). In comparison to similar systems, its distinguishing features are lots of flexibility and a good user base. Drawbacks are a steep learning curve, and an arcane syntax (well: the preferred Isar syntax isn't too bad; unfortunately proof scripts often mix in all manner of older syntax).

It is currently the only system configured to work with Proof General / Eclipse. '''Support for Proof General / Eclipse is a recent addition to Isabelle, so you need an up-to-date version.''' You can test whether your version supports PG/Eclipse by running the command {{{isabelle -I -X}}}. On a suitably modern release, this will cause Isabelle to respond in xml. Isabelle2005 is the first suitable ordinary release.

Isabelle (& its documentation) can be freely downloaded from: Installation is easy for Linux and Mac OS systems, and possible but tricky for Windows systems.

(DanielWinterstein , 2005)

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