Suggested in a mail from 13 May 05 by David:
Detecting changes: "buffer modified tick". At the moment we talk about file modified status but not the Broker memory. In Emacs there is a "buffer modified tick" which counts changes made to a buffer, essentially a fine-grained version number. If we added the same thing to the Broker we could easily checkpoint edits and intuit whether or not the Broker is synchronised properly with the display.

  replaceobjs { ... modtick_attr ... }

  modtick_attr = attribute modtick { xsd: PostiveInteger }

The tick counts either counts replaceobj messages sent to the display, or a master version number. This would open the way to broker-based edit undos for impoverished displays (and I'm thinking of a enabling a REST-like view of the edit history).

Aside: we could maybe implement major-number version handling by counting savefile messages and keeping numbered file backups (like Emacs can do). Of course it's probably more desirable to map onto an external version control manager. If we consider that to be a more realistic scenario in the long run, I wonder if we should just suppose that all files are on the broker-local filesystem, and forget the idea of URL handling for file-loading.

Enthusiastic response from Christoph two days later:

Is good (except I don't like the name "modtick" too much, but let's not be fussy). Implementing arbitrary undos for these ticks might get a bit tricky and space-consuming on the broker side to implement (we'd need the broker to be able to say "I am forgetting everything prior to modtick 'x' now"), but that as far as I understand is not planned yet.

Present question: should we still implement this?

-- ChristophLueth - 26 Sep 2006

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