Compatibility for Proof General 3.7

Often after a release people find difficulties with particular combinations of software.

To help avoid that as much as possible, please add an entry to one of the tables below to confirm correct operation of PG 3.7 with your Emacs version, prover, and operating system. See PGEmacsTestingNotes for recommended tests that you may perform.

If you have any serious problems which you believe should be addressed with compatibility, please add a bug report.

Linux operating system

Emacs versions

PG Version Emacs version Prover version Operating system Comments Contributor
3.7 21.4.1 Isabelle2005 Fedora Core 5 ?? DavidAspinall
3.7 22.1 Isabelle2007 Fedora 8 OK DavidAspinall
3.7 22.1 Coq 8.1p3 Fedora 8 OK DavidAspinall

XEmacs versions

PG Version XEmacs version Prover version Operating systemSorted ascending Comments Contributor
3.7 22.5.b28 Isabelle2007 Fedora 8 OK DavidAspinall
3.7 22.5.b28 Coq 8.1p3 Fedora 8 OK DavidAspinall
3.7 21.4.20 Isabelle2005 Fedora Core 5 ?? DavidAspinall

Mac OS X

PG Version Emacs version OS X version Prover version Comments Contributor
3.7 Carbon Emacs powerpc 10.4 Isabelle2007 For X-Symbol, install isaxsymb1.ttf DavidAspinall
3.7 powerpc 10.4 Isabelle2007 X-Symbol faulty DavidAspinall


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