The Symbol Table Editor

This editor allows you to customise the way Proof General displays mathematical (and other) symbols. You can define new symbols, or edit the existing ones.

Table Columns in the Editor

'''Family''': To aid organisation, symbols are grouped into families.

'''Name''': A name for the symbol.

'''Ascii''': The 'raw' text form for this symbol. i.e. what appears in the file.

'''Shortcut''': A typing shortcut that can be used to quickly enter the symbol. Typing shortcuts are only detected when typed in then and there, and preceded and followed by a space. So shortcuts that appear in a file will not be converted when that file is loaded.

'''HTML''': The html code for this symbol.

'''Unicode (hex)''': The hex code for this symbol's unicode character.

'''Unicode Symbol''': How the symbol will appear.

'''Status''': Whether the symbol is active or not. A symbol is deactivated when (a) the font does not support it, or (b) a conflicting symbol 'hides' it.

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