PG Eclipse Installation Problems

If you have had a problem that is not described here, please edit the page, adding a request for help.

Please also record success/failure in the table PGEclipseSuccessesAndFailures so that we can check which versions work and which fail.

Requests for help

Please tell me how can i install PGIP enabled Isabelle in windows XP? Please if anybody can help me inform me about how can i install PGIP enabled Isabelle in win xp?

Configuration file locations, permissions

If when you try to edit the preferences you see empty pages and reports about missing files on the console, try moving the preference files of the plugin from config/ to the parent directory. This seems to happen with the more recent versions of Eclipse.

Also notice that these preference files need write permission for the user running Eclipse.

OS X Setup Problem

''Symptoms'': None of the UI widgets in the Proof General preferences display when run on OS X, and eclipse crashes whenever a .thy is opened.

Oh dear. Could you give details of any error messages it emits? - Dan

First I get an OS X "The application java quit unexpectedly" dialog box with the text:

EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x0002) at 0x000002c2 Thread 0 Crashed: 0 _NSAddExceptionHandlerForLock + 176 1 -[NSViewHierarchyLock lockForReadingWithExceptionHandler:] + 368 2 -[NSView displayIfNeededInRect:] + 116 3 -[NSView displayRect:] + 104 4 Draw + 584 5 HIWebViewEventHandler + 964 6 DispatchEventToHandlers (EventTargetRec *, OpaqueEventRef *, HandlerCallRec *) + 692 7 SendEventToEventTargetInternal (OpaqueEventRef *, OpaqueEventTargetRef *, HandlerCallRec *) + 372 8 SendEventToEventTargetWithOptions + 40 9 HIView::SendDraw(short, OpaqueGrafPtr *, HIShape const*, CGContext*) + 396

SWT Browser Issues

Browser Incompatibility

''Symptoms'': System fails to start, or crashes when Proof General begins

''Cause'': This can be caused by an incompatibility between older versions of Eclipse and newer browsers. If you are using Mozilla 1.7 or above, you need Eclipse 3.1 or above.

Linux Setup Issue

''Symptoms'': You are using Linux. Eclipse installs ok. On trying to run the PG plugin, Eclipse crashes with an SWT error that says MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME is not defined.

''Cause'': PG uses the SWT browser widget, which can require some extra steps to properly install. The SWT browser widget is a cross-platform wrapper for a (fixed) native browser: on MS Windows it wraps IE, on Apple it wraps Safari, and on Linux it wraps Mozilla. This error occurs on Linux when SWT cannot find the Mozilla browser.

''Solution'': If a modern copy of Mozilla is not installed, then install one. If a modern copy of Mozilla ''is'' installed, and you are still receiving this message, then you need to set the following environment variables:


Both of these have to point to wherever the Mozilla libraries are installed (and specifically, the file Note that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is used for other purposes to; you should add the Mozilla directory to the existing variable value (see code snippet below). Usually the Mozilla libraries will be in /usr/lib/mozilla/ or similar. You could try 'which mozilla' to find where Mozilla is installed for you - but bear in mind that it is the libraries that are needed, rather than the launch script.

So you can fix this problem by adding a bit of code something like this:

export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib/mozilla
to either your .bashrc file or the script that launches eclipse.
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