PG Eclipse recent fixes

This is taken from the file docs/RELEASE_LOG.txt in the distribution. Please check the most recent distribution for a perfectly up-to-date version.

Please note that some of the improvements take place together with improvements in Isabelle. This is why you should run a snapshot version of Isabelle dated close to the release version of PGEclipse.

1.0.6 (pre-release)

1.0.5 (and updates)

  • Added Proof Explorer custom navigator. Views tweaked (will upset old workbech states; reset perspective).
  • Fixes for saving files, Unicode symbols not saved (bug was introduced in 1.0.3/4).
  • Improved robustness and efficiency in several places.
  • Output message handling improved: fancier default style sheet for display of PGML.
  • Extended key bindings, add Proof General Emacs bindings (Preferences->General->Keys..->Emacs)
  • Markers now integrate into standard Problems view; removed old Error Log view.
  • Consoles for prover tracing, prover debug and PGIP messages are added; old Session Log view removed.
  • Fixes for multiple-file scripting (NB: needs latest Isabelle CVS).
  • Fixes for switching active script, "Activate" button now switches to script, then activates/deactivates.
  • Perspective defaults: short cuts for new menu, perspective switch, views.
  • Improve icons, replace Parse! in outline with icon
  • Decorators added for script status in Navigator view

1.0.4 (and updates)

  • Improve markers: add severity, fix outline view's confusion of oops/sorry
  • Get rid of parse warning dialog for unrecognised theory elements.
  • Add wizard for making proof script files
  • Minor documentation changes


  • Fix Help menu actions to open web browser on wiki in editor window
  • Fix another symbol table short cut (OR) which corrupted script.
  • Tweak Proof General menu item order
  • Remove session log and teacher view from initial perspective
  • Command window takes an ordinary string, no need to write
  • Minor icon improvements


  • Fixes to help contents and links to wiki
  • Minor fixes to documentation and message strings
  • Fix invalid syntax which broke default symbol table
  • Make 100% parser default
  • Improve icons


  • First version released and packaged by DA.
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