Change log for PG Eclipse

This is the file CHANGE_LOG.txt from the Proof General plugin package ed.inf.proofgeneral. It may be out of date wrt version in CVS.


This document records outstanding bugs at the top,
in decreasing order of severity, followed by improvement ideas,
and then the change log in order of most recent first.

last updated 2006 Oct 01

- "undo" with Isar-style proofs doesn't work
- Isabelle2005 sends flawed XML (we are smart about trying to repair it, but
  would be better if Isabelle sent valid XML) and is inefficient at parsing.
     DA: both of these are fixed in the Isabelle CVS 2006.
     You also need to use PolyML 4.2.x (sends stack messages to stderr, not stdout)
- parsing strategy is flawed, eg multiple constdefs only takes the first, subsequent ones don't parse (hunts to end of file, which is SLOW!)
  or lemma "A ??? B ==> B ??? A"
            "C ??? A ==> A"
  i.e.: if (R) (RS) and (T) are valid parses, RST is parsed as (R) then fail, instead of (RS)(T).
  [ DA: I've added an option to disable the faulty strategy and parse the whole file
   instead.  The "gathering" strategy could be fixed simply
   by looking for the next command boundary (second PGIP command event), or end of text,
   whichever comes first.   That's how the code has worked in Emacs for years.  
   Anyway, with more efficient Isabelle parser waiting for the complete parse should be 
   less of a problem ]
- last line of buffer stays in red marked as incomplete even after "Theory completed"
    Seems to happen using the "process whole file" button, not if we work step-by-step.
    Test case: visit Example.thy, hit down button.    
- buttons erratic: sometimes disabled when should be enabled, and vice versa
- files are marked as modified after scripting even if no edits have occurred
- multiple-file scripting broken in case of closing and reopening file (appears in red)
- need bug tracking, unit tests

- Ctrl-S "save", momentarily moves editor display to top of doc (but not cursor); it shouldn't
- "interrupt" button doesn't work very well
  - PGIP-style is not recognised (da: what does this mean?)
  - now it sends "killall -2 poly" if busy (9 may 05), but only on linux -AH
  - might not clear status for PGActions on current/queued items
  - sometimes don't do much; sometimes restart is invalidated!
    (happens after parse errors, but still we should be able to recover!)
- ProverKnowledge should be gracefully interruptible / postponeable
- SessionManager uses Object.notifyAll for firing events; this gets slow if lots of events fired; should use hashmap
- Eclipse complains about the "file" attribute in plugin.xml, as it doesn't conform to DTD
  (can set this as Eclipse SDK pref to just be a warning, so not too severe, but would be
  better if XmlPreferencePage was factored out as a separate extension type)
- symbol substitution should happen for symbols surrounded by letters, e.g. => in typeA=>typeB
  (i note it is now correctly done for letters surrounded by symbols, e.g. nat in nat=>nat, AH, 
  which is nice); not sure what behaviour should be when symbols surrounded by symbols, probably not...
  (bad examples:  the "=>" in "==>"  shouldn't be expanded  but  (x=>) probably should?);
  also, symbol table sometimes doesn't display right, sometimes doesn't enable 'status' avaialbility correctly;
  applying symbol table is very slow, locks display thread (why?)
- "declare" in a proof doesn't work (eg declare a_lemma [simp add], seems to do nothing ???)

MINOR BUGS (possibly out-of-date):
- proofgeneral.temp project pollutes workspace: we should either create temporary files
   outside workspace or within a currently open project (with user confirmation
   if need be, in temporary subdir).
- undoitem wasn't recognised in my Isabelle (I've set it to use "ProofGeneral.undo",
  as spurious command, incl on lit comments); see ProofGeneralPlugin.SEND_OLD_STYLE_UNDO
- sometimes unlock docs (SM.unlockAll) hangs on close (trying to run in
  display thread while display thread shutting down)
- error messages about accessing context/help file if installed as root and
  run as me (config/prefHelpContext.xml should be in user's dir, not global config)
- restarts don't always work [seem to now]
- cancelling restart logic locks that command
- null pointer errors in decideEnabled on prover shutdown  
- using PG for a while, it seems to slow down
- colours for locked text don't change until Eclipse is restarted
- parsing is slow; a big problem when doing "next" with a large theory with an error 
  near the beginning
- goto may occasionally mishmash prover state
- cursor changes position oddly on goto back
- should clear current prover state view if empty state is sent without error (or say "Idle")
  (otherwise the last error message can persist when sending no-output events)
- stream gobbler should implement more sophisticated thread that can tell if commands are waiting and how many
  (would cut down unnec "avail" checks)
- queue might get hung if cmd proc doesn't fire, or is handled by private listener (see _ON_READY in SessionManager)
- note (somewhere) the requirement every command sent to prover generates Error or CmdProc, before sending Ready;
  really the requirement is that all events sent to prover generate a Ready message, and the SM
  *always* sends CmdSuccess or CmdCausedErrorEvent as appropriate, then *always* sends a CmdProc message; then Ready;
  events not sent to prover should always generate a CmdCausedError.CmdCancelled event then CmdProc.
- haven't tested sockets at all (probably has errors)
- PGAction (as Delegate) can only get link to real IAction class after first run(IAction), so tool buttons don't show inactive until first click
- possible (though rare, because waits on prover) that next tries to fire (or undo) 
  before undo updates essential lock/parse offset, undo should also wait on display thread;
  would cause a severe error
- we could queue "next" commands to be sent multiply (queue parsing as well) as soon as doc is updated,
  maybe even showing number in next bracket
- thread pool can get null (doesn't seem to affect processing)
- multiple errors generate multiple dialogs (eg lock a region and try typing... this shouldn't even display an error probably)
- autoscroll on "next" should be a preference
- scrolling shouldn't move if offset is visible
- comment-stepping -- should be a preference
  TODO needs search for all instances of PGIPSyntax.COMMAND; also see ProofGeneralPlugin.SEND_STEP_COMMENT???
- perhaps activeCheck should throw a more detailed exception (eg files... would this be useful? probably not)
- would like cancel option when closing an active script (see in ProofScriptEditor.dispose())
- too many bookmarks
- proofgeneral project wizard with content for different theorem provers
- want ANT build environment and cruise-control nightly builds on server
- clean up CVS
  - have ANT script for downloading, and CC for posting builds
- product & branding: add intro, fix welcome screen
- cleaner PG startup mechanism (if running as "eclipse", offer as new PG perspective
  associated with .thy files (prover only starts on perspective start); 
  if running as "IsabelleEclipsePG", activate that perspective
  immediately, start prover, have a splash screen if run using a certain command line;
  done a bit of this
- better way of logging messages/errors (now as flags in PGPlugin), allow user cmd-line enablement
- should have more messages on "theory" command (since it is often so slow) [? no longer an issue as latest output updates -AH ?]
- could have progress display bar
- logs should use a better control (html is slow, probably want an editor ?)  [done a lot of this -AH]
- document highlighted region updating could be done in a non-display thread, with display thread updated when possible
  (likewise for other controls)  [done a lot of this -AH]
- status bar should say "starting", "running (level XX)", "dead" etc; also perhaps should not be button;
  probably should be linked to startup monitor (WaitReadyAction); ideally also say *who* is doing the action
  (e.g. parse, send next, prover knowledge, etc; can use SessionManager.proverOwner to get clues)
- lock all files in use by prover
- better options in context popup menu
- consider allowing multiple prover instances.  a lot of work, but I think 
  Eclipse requires multiple workspaces if multiple instances are open;
  it was useful with Emacs PG to have simultaneous provers in separate sessions;
  depends how much of a pain it is to do this with Eclipse
  (the UI could become nightmarish with multiple provers open...);
  current workaround is to use different instances with different workspaces (?)
- create new fonts dedicated for EclipsePG editor;
  suggest base on FreeMono but take symbols from others; there are (a very few) fonts
  which even implement Longrightarrow as unicode 27f9, since the = symbol is different height (on my linux at least);
  i *think* this would be picked up automatically elsewhere if it's the only font implementing 27f9
   da: Stix fonts are supposed to be in public beta by end of 2006.
   I'm not sure whether they have a complete symbol set in monospace though.

- Mozilla integration is tedious; on Linux you need Mozilla 1.4 or higher 
   for GTK2 (ie from, not included in many linux distros);
   note many of the PG views use this (Eclipse Browser is mozilla);
   mozilla requires MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib/mozilla set as env var;
   more recently, xulrunner is available on Linux to integrate Mozilla in apps; 
   install both it and Mozilla, and set MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib/xulrunner
- GTK2.4 (common Linux renderer) has problem rendering wide chars 
      (eg long-right arrow) on same line as normal chars; 
   if you get this, install GTK2.6 (or put up with ugly chars!)


2006 Oct 01 (DA), packaging tweaks and cleanups/moving in repostitory; 
                  more branding; attempts towards released version as 1.0.1.

- made update site:
  (update project and features are in CVS repository under eclipse/)
- manifest added for OSGi framework in Eclipse 3.2
- name change: this is "Proof General Eclipse" or PG Eclipse for short (no slash!)
- version numbers: use plugin version as main version number; elsewhere 1.0[.x]
- icon source files moved to icon-src; added redrawn star in various sizes, branding
- documents renamed devel-docs to make clear they're not for users
- content dir for package intro added (but no working intro yet)
- various defunct files removed, notes on bug fixes and bugs remaining
- my experience with this code is that real use is still very difficult because
  of too many glitches and bugs in the interface.  

2006 Sep 9 (AH)

MINOR fixes
- Added test to wrap HTML widget text in <html> tag with meta for using UTF-8
  (needed since we display unicode which is not usually the default in
  external browsers such as Mozilla)
- changed \<and> to be &, not && (since && didn't parse but & does)
- added extra space after replacements since \<exists>x. became EXx., not EX x.

2006 Aug 24 (DA), minor fixes for Eclipse 3.2

- EclipseVersionCompatibility: small change for 3.2 release version
- PGSourceViewier avoid null pointer exception when visiting file outside
- Fixes to imports (a couple of broken imports commented out)
- move pointers to old wiki to point to new wiki, remove some pointers
  for pages which haven't been written yet.  Other minor documentation
  changes  [I'm a bit dubious about hard-coding all these doc wiki links 
  in the application, it would be better to include snapshots here once 
  some documentation exists, with a single outside link.]

2006 Jan 2 (AH)

MINOR fixes
- Symbols will display as the shortcut if unicode is unavailable or unset;
  unset is useful for things like \<Colon> for types which is output by isabelle 
  but we'd rather show ::  ... and crazily, Isabelle doesn't recognise \<Colon>!
  I also removed the combination long arrows since they often don't line up;
  the right thing to do is use chars from Unicode Supplemental Arrows A range
  (eg U+27F9) but the Japanese font Y.OzFontN is the only free one I've found
  that includes it correctly; and unfortunatley the "Fixed" font includes a 
  crap version which my system picks up (I emailed the FreeSans developers to
  ask them to include it in a future release.)
- ProverKnowledge uses a list of names all pointing to same record;
  includes fully-qualified names and completion works with them, eg HOL.i<ctrl+space>;
  can refresh all local entries to get things like primrecs (needs manual command)
- changed colours to be like Emacs PG (if this is a problem, i apologise; it was
  *really* irritating me especially since it is difficult to read through red
  and other users also commented they didn't like it, so i thought it would be worth doing)

2005 Dec 19 (AH)

MINOR fixes
- fixed bug where editor scrolled to top on save (workaround, it rescrolls to where it was)
- SessionManager uses a list to track fired events (more efficient than launched threads and calling notifyAll,
  especially when lots of events generated/queued)
- added "\<bar>" as symbol
- SendCommandAction runs more in FG, so is faster
- improved Document scroll routine and optimised offset-update routines, so "next" and auto are faster;
  on "next", behaviour is to scroll to change but leave cursor where it was,
  unless cursor was inside commant; on "auto", behaviour is not to scroll or move cursor
  unless processing passes cursor location, in which both more with processing
  (can be a little unfamiliar at first, but i think this is desired behaviour)
- improved xml-repair so it is much faster

2005 Dec 14  (AH)

MAJOR fixes
- workaround for isabelle bug that it puts things like \<equiv> in XML output
  (gets replaced by \&lt;equiv&gt;); PG attempts to correct for unescaped xml chars <, >, and &
  (and it does a pretty good job, thanks to regex support in java!)
- fixed bug where parse results would get flummoxed when symbols were used;
  parse results are now reconciled modulo symbols, and it seems to work well now 
  even when symbols are on
- support for accessing a prover programmatically, ie without eclipse open (eg. testing, and AH feature wizard);
  see test/src/StandaloneProverExample

MINOR fixes (recent)

- content assist autocomplete proposals (Ctrl+Space) seemed to stop working; 
  needed action def id set in ProofScriptEditor
- Path for PG plugin wasn't always being found correctly, now it is (better at least)
- ProverKnowledge correctly combines lazy-load definitions with preloaded definitions;
  and it handles long method descriptions (eg "subst")
- Isabelle2005 changes
  - thms_of is hidden in PureThy, fixed access for ProverKnowledge
  - ProverState recognises handshake symbol events (doesn't do anything but no longer gives error)
- using .cvsignore files to filter out some files i have locally but aren't useful to others
- comments in plugin.xml and EclipseVersionCompatibility to aid with Eclipse 3.2 migration (if and when desired)

MISCELANEOUS:  these (very minor) changes were made in my codebase ages ago,
but I didn't merge them at the time (conflicts); i think dan also fixed some of these;

i include them here for the sake of completeness:
- used to get sluggish after lots of use, fixed inefficiency in 
   output view, seems better now
- clean up "confused proof" message (for unnamed lemmas, display lemma; 
   for bad state say incomplete); Dan also changed this
- prover knowledge messages are better
- prover knowledge no longer gets confused on unnamed lemmas
- prover knowledge will now report on all theorems of a given name, 
   not just the first
- PGProverAction has one more overridable post-init function
- fixed error where Display.async(SessionManager.unlockAll) was called after eclipse classloaders closed
- removed manifest .MF file; as this seems to prevent exporting plugin classes
- Ctrl+R still sometimes conflicts with "Run to line" (should be using contexts... maybe installed wrong?;
  seems fixed now, by whom I don't know)

2005 July 08  (Dan?)

   Some work done in the SessionManager package (startSession changed slightly).
   Changed the behaviour of ProverState.onUndo... methods to handle nested proofs.
   The symbol support is better in several ways.
See cvs comments for more details

1 jun 05, MINOR CHANGES (AH):
- added context/scope for key bindings (was causing error when added as plugin)
- fixed prover knowledge grab (changed as result of theory output change), also subst method is multiline (breaks)

9 may 05, AH

- changed Outline model to include collapsible subsections
- files can be changed after 'end'
- added "ProverStandalone" interface for using a Prover without loading Eclipse (requires basic Eclipse jars but not DLL's);
  see its main method for illustration
- fixed some queueing thread-sync problems, robust send/wait functionality in SendCommandResponseAction
- cleaned up display routines, mainly by dropping outdated display updates in OutputViews (must faster)
- ProverKnowledge learns about new items in current file, and gets tactic/method info

full change list:
- added ProverKnowledge for current theory items (using SendCommandResponseAction)
- refactored CommandQueued and CommandQueuedWithValues
- created ProverStandalone for running text-based commands
- improved new GetCommandResponseAction to allow ownership sessions
- prover knowledge parses theory in fg, then commands in bg once things are quiet
- ProverKnowledge gets updated as new items are parsed, including axioms and definitions
- ProverKnowledge updates the tooltip for any marker (could get confused on same-name markers)
- prover state model info gets set on success (except undo commands), added getLastResponse() method
- exceptions display more nicely, and accept a parameter for whether just to silently display the log view
- latest output view shows errors alongside state
- errors during send next and goto show in log, not in dialog, latest output is activated
- outline view refreshes better
- OutputViews update less often in big runs
- outline collapses more, into subsections; status shows currectly
- fixed undoall
- fixed bug where actions could get stuck on interruption
- fixed undo all (wouldn't retract theories properly)
- changed undo behaviour so as not to rely on scripting containers
- open definition on right click acts on current location
- info about active tactics
- don't switch to error view if:  either we show error dialogs or are in latest output view
- fixed many bad location exceptions
- ProverKnowledge loads info about active tactics (using print_methods (theory))
- hover looks for valid words (excluding parens and quotes), but autocomplete didn't (does now)
- some Isabelle versions use pgmltext elements (now recognised in ProverKnowledge)
- action set (menu and toolbar) only appears in PGPerspective
- interrupt sends killall -2 signal

2 may 05, -ah


- added live prover knowledge as tooltips
- fixed lots of parsing errors

minor bug fixes:

- Isabelle can occasionally give buggered XML (if sending complex ML commands with quotes and raw chars); 
  SessMgr used to wait forever trying to parse that, now it has shortcuts & errors, 
  it's also faster on incomplete xml
- commands used to go funny on error; now they always wait for a CmdProc to reset (even if there is a CmdCausedError)
- GetCommandResponseAction is now available, for sending a command in a background thread,
  when the TP is available, and waiting for output, behaving nicely on interrupt
  [use eg GCRA.getDefault().doCommand("ML {* thm \"sym\" *}"); ]
- ProverKnowledge gets a list of all axioms and theorems (takes about 1s, uses low-ish level ML)
- static option to use prover knowledge or not in ProofGeneralPlugin
- autocompletion includes prover knowledge items
- added tooltips/help for code completion proposals
- added html capabilities to tooltips (copied Eclipse's internal HTMLTextPresenter); help now also showed for auto-completion
- minor clean-ups in UndoAction, fixes in UndoAll where it got notified too many times
- now we send a CommandSucceeded event before the CommandProcessed if it succeeds
- now we don't update processed offset until command is processed without error
- goto sets the lock offset immediately
- PGTextHover word-finding now includes numbers
- if user has chosen a logic not for preferences, then updates preferences, 
  they didn't take effect until eclipse restart (fixed by propertyChange method in IsabellePrefsPage)
- tooltip/hover windows can update when the information is loaded (and the window is resized) (UpdateableHTMLTextPresenter)
- fixed error on click where there is no text; now just shows context menu without options
- OpenDefinition only shows in context menu if it is a known term
- clears privateListener on restart/shutdown
- fixed autoSymbolise error where it tried to go back before start of document
- ExternalLazyParser responds better to events (doesn't notify twice on error, responds to shutdown)
- events can take any object as cause
- cause gets set on outgoing events now, too
- ExternalPrivateListener now uses itself as the cause to listen to (it was responding to send command actions)
- interrupt first tries interrupting any paused active firing events
- on parses which cause errors, ExternalLazyParser now stores sensible responses
- GotoAction executes the parsed commands found when there is an error, and THEN throws the error
  (if the error is on a different line to goto target, or if goto was run on a single line)
- parse doc action (and outline view) also uses valid parse information located before an error
- parsing errors tell what line it happened on, can go there
- fixed error where wouldn't scroll if command-sent is run sent after command-processed
- parse all usually runs in bg thread now
- parse all takes ownership
- when parsing for next command, it tries one line, then 4, then 16, then whole doc
  (much faster then adding one line each time); but it's still slow (see separate bug)

2005 Apr 28 -- AH

minor changes:
- added startup monitor (WaitCommandAction), shows an error window if the prover doesn't start in 10s
- updates prover state if process quits unexpectedly (or is killed externally)
- stopSession can now run in background with stopSessionBg 
  (and does, on normal shutdown; also does restart in background on fresh session action)
- PGIPShutdown is sent on shutdown, for viewing and to reset the appropriate actions/buttons
- non-xml messages are handled a bit better, including !!! warnings
- StreamGobbler processes output within its thread (was slower, in the display thread)
- all PGIPEvents now get a cause set (it was only a few, done in SM.pgipEvent(XX))
- error dialogs (eg scripting exception) are now always on top 
  [was visually confusing] -- gets shell from ProofGeneralPlugin activeEditor now
- race issues with generation of CommandCausedErrorEvent (would sometimes happen after
  CommandProcessed, so commands couldn't know whether they succeeded); now always sent 
  after Ready and before CommandProcessed, but only if the error came from the prover;
  (or if the event is cancelled).  not sure if this is desired behaviour, but it is more
  sensible than the old way.  [see note in bug list about documenting/discussing this]
- choose logic params have been fixed some (also an error where it could become permanently disabled);
  still slightly hacked (see separate bug for that)

2005 Apr 24 -- AH

minor changes:
- Choose Tool allows specifying a PGPluginTool class (for quick and dirty extensions -- not included in code base, let me know if you want)
- EclipseMethods has a messagePromptDialog method which prompts for a string
- qUndo sends the cause

2005 Apr 20 -- AH

- event firing model is synchronized to preserve order
- dialog and menu option to select logics (ChooseLogic...) and CWD
- uses a thread pool, kills unusued threads on stopSession
- scrolls in window on next and undo (see ProofGeneralPlugin.SCROLL_ON_NEXT_COMMAND)
- actions are properly synced with prover and each other (ie goto now works)

minor changes:
- comments are now stepped through individually (see ProofGeneral.STEP_COMMENTS)
- undoitem wasn't recognised in my code (set to use ProofGeneral.undo as spurious command, incl on lit comments); see ProofGeneralPlugin.SEND_OLD_STYLE_UNDO
- static instance avail of ProofGeneral and PreferenceStore, for use outside Eclipse
- markers (eg theory/lemma) caused eclipse errors (shown in log), changed so id is recorded just as pgmarker/theorem/etc 
  (the is prepended automatically), and set super type of pgmarker to be core resources marker
- support in pgip2html.Converter for text conversion (partial, should live elsewhere :);
  also dodgy attempt to clean up escaped XML (probably can be removed)
- lots of places, UI code switched to run in UI thread
- Session Log and Latest Output perspective names were reversed in their ShowXXX classes
- got rid of "retract script" message on shutting down
- force switch message no longer displayed on shutdown (PGPlugin has better isShuttingDown method)
- ActivateScriptAction close now has boolean semantics (instead of throwing an error)
- when disposing an editor and calling ActivateScriptAction--retract, the document was not passed, so the new editor not the old was being used!
- scripting in a new file when an old is active is a bit smarter 
  about checking whether old really is active (eg okay to swap if finished or not started);
  activeCheck does this
- session log wasn't getting all its info [setText call in wrong thread, and data gets lost by different threads]
- non-xml messages buggered state, eg. 'Warning -- increasing stack'; now they are displayed and discarded
- parser checks if command avail fast; also, better error checking
- external lazy parser would deadlock on interrupt, then resumes when we don't want it to; now it catches CommandCausedError
- parsing was off by one sometimes; fixed so Parser doesn't ignore ' and " chars (which was causing this error)
- session manager now generates an object for prover commands (CommandQueued, containing DocElement and cause)
  with preFire and postFire methods called before relevant events fired
  (eg for setting temporary a privateListener setting, better than setting static field in sm)
- session manager now uses seq/refSeq lookup activeCommandLookup to find commands (and other minor queueing/syncing changes)
- quick clicks (eg Next Next) messed up communications, now PGAction implements a run-singly option, waits for responses
- toolbar buttons can now be enabled (at least after their first use they can be)
- new enablement mechanism for PGAction, based on prover ownership, other items
- allows setting a single prover owner in session manager (strongly recommended to use this in new methods)
- sends a "prover clear" message when queues are all empty, prover not busy, and prover not owned
  (used to update enablement of buttons)
- sends InternalEvent.ProverClear after it has all other PGIPEvents have fired
- "goto" (undoAll, sendAll) was screwy; now it works (proper command syncing)  [may still be the odd error, but not usu fatal ??]
- PGProverAction sets a constant value for the document within a single command run
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