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A place for people to leave comments and suggestions about this pilot Wiki Service

As you should know, this Wiki service is currently a pilot service. The software we are using, TWiki, has had little or no customisation done to it. Please leave any comments or suggestions on this page, and as the service develops, we will try and take them into consideration.

-- NeilBrown - 08 Sep 2005

One recommendation that came in (not via this) was some obfuscating of email addresses on web pages. It now does this with a simple insertion of the string NO_SPAM into the address.

-- NeilBrown - 13 Sep 2005

Off-line I suggested frequent notification, since in my experience that helps really active discussion and can be necessary for projects under deadlines. Actually, this was based on my experience with a system that allows for subscription to individual topics (pages) within a web and notifies immediately with an email that shows the results of diff against the old page. TWiki is very different - subscription is to an entire web, and the notification service fires off a list of the topics that have been changed, with configurable frequency. Project Wikis can get big, and frequent notification about lots of pages you don't care about would just be a hassle. So for this system, I think less frequent might be better and we'll just have to ping people externally when active discussion is required. Assuming we figure out how to use the wiki system for external research collaborations (which I'm hoping to do), twice a day might be better than the current once a day - the Californians come in overnight but we need to reply before they wake up again.

-- JeanCarletta - 14 Sep 2005

When I use hieros (my DICE machine), if I ask to (a) edit the non-group-protected parts of the Wiki system or (b) access the group-protected parts (like AmiProject ), I get redirected to the authentication portal. The portal says I'm not to use it from DICE machines, but there's no other way in. Authenticating used to just work for me, but now the portal doesn't just want me just to type in my username and password, it also pops up a screen for my to change the master password. (This may or may not be a result of having my machine upgraded to FC3.) I haven't dared because I don't even know what that is for. At the moment, I move to a non-DICE machine if I'm going to use the Wiki.

This sounds like a generic kx509 problem with your DICE browser, and not specific to the Wiki. You should report it via the support form.

  • OK, thanks. Actually, someone told me (and I forgot when I put this on the Wiki) that
  • at least sometimes running "renc" will fix the problem by getting an up-to-date
  • Kerberos ticket -- JeanCarletta - 23 Nov 2005.

From non-DICE machines, the system works fine, but I have a couple of minor points. I don't like the wording of the authentication page - it's not the only place on the web where you should enter your DICE username and password, at least not if you ever read email using the web interface at mail.inf. Also, it would be helpful if once you've authenticated it dumped you back at the page you were trying to access in the first place. Neither of these things is a major problem, though.

I've had the same gripe about the wording, but my requests to have it changed have fallen on deaf ears. That service isn't one I manage. The redirect back to the originating page used to work. I'll let them know.

-- JeanCarletta - 10 Nov 2005

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