Siddhu Warrier


Or if you like it better - Wilkommen, Failte or добро пожаловать. My name is Siddhu Warrier, and I am a PhD student at the Speckled Computing Group, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

In this wiki, you should eventually be able to find information about me, about my interests, and so on (and so forth as well, for good measure). But right now, you're more likely to find nothing more than a few random links.

About me

Screams of dismay went around the little hospital in Trivandrum, India as news of the unsightly creature who'd emerged out of his mother's womb spread. In spite of widespread pressure from the clergy of multiple religions to have me branded Devil Spawn, my parents persisted with me and named me Siddhu.

After a misspent youth during the course of which I was the fat kid, I went to a gym and to Anna University, approximately at the same time. Four years later, a highly misguided Senatus Academicus awarded me a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering, after having ensured that I knew to spell Engineering. Trust me, it was tough work!

I then decided to follow the migratory birds during the summer, and ended up in Europe. Having been munificently bestowed with money from an equally misguided European Commission, I landed up at the University of Edinburgh, in the only country in Europe where they're sensible enough to:

  • Speak English,
  • Not call footpaths sidewalks,
  • Drive on the correct side of the road, and
  • Say sorry to you even when you're clearly at fault.

They also have, I found, extremely poor taste in beer. But after a coupla pints, itshallthesame,innit.

I also spent a year in Germany at RWTH Aachen, and I have been pretending to be able to speak German ever since.

And now, I shall continue to be a P.I.G.S - Poor. Indian. Graduate. Still a student - for the next few years. Ouch!


I may be contacted by carrier pigeon (yes, of course they all know my name). However, if you're one of those young blighters with a fascination for all that is new-fangled and all that, you could send me snail-mail to:

Siddhu Warrier
Room 3311
James Clerk Maxwell Building
Edinburgh EH9 3JZ
United Kingdom
(and so Gordie says) Europe
If you're even more modern that, just send me on of those email thingies to

Gtalk ID: siddhuwarrier, MSN ID:, Smoke Signal ID: Puff Puff Puff Poof.

Informatics Enterpreneurship 2

Please click here for the wiki for the Informatics Entrepreneurship 2 course offered at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

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