• \usepackage{microtype} to improve the typesetting (usually saves some space too)
  • natbib package for better bibliography macros. For *ACL submissions, use with http://www.cs.columbia.edu/nlp/acl05soft/style/aclnat.bst
  • booktabs for tables with nice spacing and minimal line clutter: esp. \toprule, \midrule, \bottomrule
  • cleveref to automatically insert the appropriate designator ("figure", "table", "section", etc.) for references: \cref{label}. Also does lists/ranges with \cref{label1,label2,label3}. Can be customized to use "" instead of "section":
    • \crefformat{section}{\S#2#1#3}
    • \crefformat{subsection}{\S#2#1#3}
    • \crefformat{subsubsection}{\S#2#1#3}

  • hyphenation rules:
    • \hyphenation{WordNet}
    • \hyphenation{WordNets}
    • \hyphenation{FrameNet}
    • \hyphenation{SemCor}
    • \hyphenation{SemEval}
    • \hyphenation{VerbNet}
    • \hyphenation{PennConverter}
    • \hyphenation{an-aly-sis}
    • \hyphenation{an-aly-ses}
    • \hyphenation{base-line}
    • \hyphenation{de-ve-lop-ed}
    • \hyphenation{news-text}
    • \hyphenation{post-edit-ing}

  • Quiver: The Programmer's Notebook (http://happenapps.com/#quiver) is a nice tool for taking notes. It is modeled a bit on iPython notebook, with cells for text/Markdown/LaTeX/code. Previews the Markdown and LaTeX (doesn't execute code though). Saves everything as JSON in case you want to put it in version control. The developer is responsive to bug reports/feature requests on GitHub .
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