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InfBase Helper Advice

This is the first draft of the advice to helpers in the InfBase. This will be modified in the light of experience. There will usually be at least three helpers on hand and we will try to ensure there is some diversity of experience. The goal is to have reasonably good coverage of years 1 and 2 and to provide sensible advice to the other years since the range of courses is so great in the other years.

Here is a suggestion on how to proceed:

  • When you set up in the InfBase you should have three areas that allow each of you to discuss with a small group.
  • Check each other's expertise so you know the strengths of each person in the team.
  • At any time there should always be a "greeter" nominated (this can be fixed or change depending on what people are doing in the InfBase). The idea of the greeter is that they should interrupt whatever else they are doing to "greet" people as they come in. You should spend up to 5 mins greeting - the idea is to do a preliminary investigation - if you can deal with the questions in 5 mins then deal with it, otherwise pass them on to the most appropriate person in the InfBase. So the greeter deals with simple stuff that takes a few minutes.
  • In dealing with longer questions, do the following: (a) take a bit of time to work up a good statement of the question (b) try to answer it inside InfBase if you have the expertise, otherwise email the carefully formulated question to the lecturer or TA for the relevant course.
  • Try to capture any Question and Answer on the Wiki, get the students asking the question to document it on the Wiki together with the answer if possible, then check it is right.

This is all very experimental so we'd like you to also do the following meta-stuff:

  • Keep track of what questions you get asked by what year.
  • Let us know what resources you think you need.
  • Let us know any InfBaseImprovements you might want by editing the InfBaseImprovements wiki page and pointing it out to us.
-- Main.soa - 13 Mar 2008
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