List of stuff to buy

Following is the list and amount of stuff we need per base (floor). The amount is justified for one month use. Please add/adjust/comment.
  • Paper towel dispenser.
  • Dish washing solution (1 bottle of 500+ ml)
  • Soap dispenser
  • Wiping cloth (3 piece)
  • Couple of sponges (3 pack) (Sarah)
  • Knives, forks, spoons and tea-spoons (6 of each)
  • Pizza cutter.
  • Cheese plough.
  • Chopping board (1 board)
  • Plates and bowels (6 of each)
  • Mugs (20)

Who will clean the kitchen? People will clean up their own dishes but the kitchen needs an overall clean once every week: the work surfaces and sink need cleaning with disinfectant.

Cup or no cup?: We used a lot of disposable cups which is not environmental friendly in the long term. Now, we will have cleaning stuffs. Is it the time to change for better approach by using cups? Anyway, there are some issues around this:

  • Will people responsible enough to washing what they use?
  • How many cups it will be enough?
  • Liquid things are not friendly with the laboratory.
  • Sanitation is subjective. What is the appropriate standard for this?
  • Or we should provide only the space that enable student to keep their own cup. Several student use the laboratory regularly.

Comments from Ciaran Hearne on cups: I think that mugs, plates, bowels, knives, forks and spoons are essential. The mugs are not a replacement for the plastic cups near the water cooler machine; they are for drinking tea and coffee. We simply cannot provide enough mugs for everyone who drinks water. Also, it would be more difficult to enforce washing them if they were plentiful. I think that recycling bins should be introduced next to each water-cooler machine.

Administration issues

We have to think through these issues.
  1. Trial period: The first lot for only one month in only 3rd floor. Evaluate after this and decide if it should be continued or not.
  2. Central mailing list should be created for student to report the stuff that run out, abuse, request, and comments.
  3. Who will monitor useage? Can we let the community monitor? (Will mailing list be enough for this purpose?)


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