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Notes from 4th March Meeting

LIMITING NOISE IN KITCHEN AREA The meeting agreed that this is one of the problems likely to occur in such a multi-use space. Stuart explained that the SDP Workroom on level 3 would soon be opened up for quiet study use (around 25th March), meaning there would be increased capacity for quiet study, away from the kitchen areas. He also noted that level 3 is likely to get quite busy during the next few weeks as SDP comes to an end, recommending that students work on level 4 where possible.

TURNING OFF MONITORS Neil has discussed this with the Computing Team who confirm that work is already being done on a system that remotely shuts down machines during periods of non-use, further information should be available during the summer months. The School accepts that this is a sensible way to reduce energy costs, and manage the temperature in student labs.

AVERAGES NOT ON EMAIL Sarah reported that the average mark for the entire class was not appearing on the automated email sent by the ITO after work had been marked. Neil agreed to following this up with the RAT unit asap. ACTION - NEIL

STUDENTS NOT INFORMED WHEN WORK HAS BEEN RETURNED Sarah also noted that students weren't always informed when their coursework feedback was made available from the ITO. Neil agreed that the ITO hadn't always managed to provide this information during Sem 1, and agreed to improve this communication asap. ACTION - NEIL

ELECTION OF MSC REPS It was noted that there had been a bit of confusion at the start of session, about who was responsible for appointing class reps, and which students had been accepted to take on this role. Douglas and Stuart explained that these arrangements had been in transition at the start of this session, but that this would be more straightforward next time (particularly now that the FTL has been properly established).

ACCESS TO LEVEL 4 Neil confirmed that all students would now be able to access the level 4 open area 24hrs a day. Stuart explained that access to this area had previously been restricted, but that students should use the open area on level 4 in the same was as level 3. It was noted that level 4 would sometimes be locked down for staff or BoE meetings... but that this wouldn't happen very often.

DEADLINE EXTENSIONS FOLLOWING BUILDING CLOSURES Stuart agreed to contact teaching staff, asking them to clarify the extended submission times for their courses.. particularly as each assignment had been extended by 4 working days. It was noted that work due on 20 March should now be submitted on 28 March (taking the easter vacation into account). ACTION - STUART

SDP SUBMISSIONS Sarah asked whether there was any likelihood of the SDP written report deadline being extended, as above. It was agreed that the final SDP presentations could not be moved from 20 March, due to external commitments, although Stuart agreed to discuss the written report deadline with John Butler. ACTION - STUART

There was no further business.


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