1. Dromedaries:They're just camels, discuss. (CLQ)
  2. Coursework submission mistakes: How to deal with them (Andrew)
  3. Exam solutions for honours courses (James, Zsolt)( Math Tripos at Cambridge have all the papers and the solutions for the past 20 years in 76 subjects, why can't we? ) (Cristian)edari
  4. 15 Credit Courses in 3rd/4th Year (Zsolt) ( Or make some of them 20 credit, like COMN ) (Cristian)
  5. All the interesting (3rd, possibly 4th year) courses being in semester one (James)
  6. Offer popular courses in both semesters so people who are doing joint degrees don't get left out of important courses because of overlap. E.g. IAML, IVR (Cristian )
  7. Us teaching uninteresting courses. Computation is dull. (Everyone)
  8. Exam script marking issue* (Andrew)
  9. Courswork not returned (Andrew)
    • AILP
    • CSIP
    • ALE
    • MI
    • CT
    • ST
  10. SDP markings are a mess: some teams have received it from their mentor, some have no information even after asking. Was promised "next day" 2 weeks ago. Also generally in SDP some mentors were spending 15 minutes, while some others were spending 2 hours with their teams. (Zsolt)
  11. The SEOC Software Testing lecture ( 1 powerpoint - 47 slides ) contains all the material for a whole course (Software Testing). Are students in SEOC supposed to know all the details for another course in the exam? (Cristian)
  12. Subjects like SEOC, ST should be coursework only because all that the exams does is put students do what they did in the coursework. In the example of SEOC putting students do the architecture of the system and design a class diagram under a 10 minute time constraint isn't normal ( Cristian )
  13. Exam scheduling. Out of 4 weeks of examination the exam scheduler managed to fit 80 credits worth of exams between 3 and 11 May. Couldn't we organise a competition between Informatics students to design a better exam scheduling algorithm? (Cristian)
  14. Timescales for UG4/MInf project report feedback. What kind of feedback can we expect & when? Or is it just the grade. (Ivan)


  1. BookAdopter (Andrew)

* Conversation from Facebook:

1st Commenter: Hey Andrew, it would be good if you speak about Exam marking as well. I had two answer scripts last year in which they failed to mark me for a question(Databases and ADS). Being final year student it wont be easy for me to check it if it happens again this year! So please discuss about this issue as well

2nd Commenter: really? Thats just unacceptable. How long did it take you to get them to release your exam so you could check it over? Now I'm pretty much going to want to look over every exam I take this year.

1st Commenter: I think it was available from September, I checked mine around mid-october, I thought being a world class univ I must have got the mark i deserved but when when i saw the answer script i was quite shocked and it made me to check almost all my papers. Hope it does not happen this year, since there is very less chance for me to check it.

** Any Other Competent Business: this section is for anything that people want to raise in the meeting but also for anything you want to discuss that may not be as relevant to everyone there.

-- AndrewBurnie - 18 Apr 2012

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