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1. Natural Computing Assignment 2 (Andrew Burnie): All of the class who I've spoken to are quite confused by assignment, we know how to do the two algorithms it wants us to write but don't understand the problem we're supposed to be applying them to. Have emailed Michael Hermann at the end of last week and again today now I've spoken to more people. Asking for an extension of deadline into next week as may people have spent all the time they have for this assignment on just trying to understand it never mind completing it.

  • Lecturer not able to answer all questions
  • Tutors are not helpful (contradicting lecturer, assignment not clear to them)
  • Request extension

2. Algorithms and Data structures Mock Paper (Maxim Cramer): People in class have come up to me and mentioned that there won't be a practice mock paper from our current lecturer. Apparently she hasn't taught the class in a few years, so she advised students to look at the exams she wrote 5 years ago, but people find that it's out of date and would like a more recent paper, written by her, to practice on..

3. Availability of solutions and example answers to past papers who don't provide any. (there was also a plan, first mentioned 2 years ago, to make real (written by other students) anonymized solutions available) (Laurentiu Prodan)

4. Professional Issues: FROM WEBSITE "You are encouraged to submit draft essays for comment on the quality of the writing". However so far few number of students have received feedback and deadline is this week.

  • basically no time to process feedback and make changes
  • possibly request for deadline extension

5.1 INF2A : Stuart promised additional examples in general, but not realised.

5.2 INF2A : Assignment problems, problems with DICE and current version of python and NLTK

  • DICE machines are running different versions of python

5.3 INF2A : Q&A session

6. Feedback, several courses have not returned coursework within two weeks (e.g. a.d.s. , 2 weeks late).

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