• CompSoc has a plan to turn level 3 into a bubbling pool of academia Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm.

CompSoc is planning to make 6pm from 8pm on Wednesdays into an open arena in AT level 3 for SIG-groups to meet and people to give lectures on whatever they please. Oli will elaborate.

  • Cascaders! CompSoc has a plan as to re-do the scheme a little

The plan is to put something in the labs that whoever who wants can put onto their screen to signify that they are willing to help. On top of this there would be optional training-session. Oli will once again elaborate.

-- ChristianQuale - 17 Oct 2009

  • Re-affirming deadline setting rules with staff
  • Ceilidh - Food? Confirmed date, room booked.
  • Feedback from Maths NSSLC

Agenda/Notes from Meeting

1. Plans for COMPSOC level 3

a. Stuart to feedback this week – Gill and S to discuss today.

2. Wed 1800-2000 (Maxim)

a. 1800-2000 SIGs (list of SIGs to be supplied by Maxim) - possibility of using video capture in lecture theatres for larger events

b. Social time 2000-till Teviot time

3. Cascaders (Kat)

a. Run formal training sessions – sign up – if they want to do it

b. Kat to bring proposals in the next couple of weeks.

4. Ceilidh (James)

a. 27 Nov – forum booked – between deadlines and revision

b. Look into catering licence

c. James to put a budget with options together

d. Talk to Neil about last year’s budget (Stuart)

5. Deadlines (James)

a. 1600 Fri deadlines – reiterate – imposed

b. Ridiculous deadline to Stuart (Alex and James).

c. Stuart to reiterate to staff.

6. MfI NSSSLC (Jenny)

a. Happy for Informatics to run tutorials - encouraging Informatics to run tutorials for Maths

b. Examples in notes – discuss with lecturers

c. Video lectures – maybe

d. Fragmented course – material works best in (Jenny to send pdf of NSSSLC to Stuart)

e. James to discuss frequency of NSSSLC meeting with Emily Horsfal (Maths School rep).

f. InfBase will have tutors capable of answering maths questions

7. Newsgroup/Forum

a. COMPSOC working on it.

b. Lecturers trained to use news groups

8. Testing of tutors – Laurentiu to send proposal

9. Audio-visual facilities in outside AT rooms – list of defective rooms to stuart

10. Lecture slides in advance – yes – Stuart to mail staff

11. Programming education – Stuart to post proposal

12. Staplers – ITO to deal with getting working staplers on level 5

13. InfBase – dealt with earlier

14. VPN from residence – URL on - where – support FAQ

15. Open Days – ITO to email dates first on 13 Nov

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