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Report re Student Course Registrations

Following discussion at the previous FTL, I thought I'd provide an update on why the School can't currently provide continuing students with the opportunity to register their course choices at the end of session prior to starting these courses at the start of the next session.

Firstly I should point out that this is a mostly sensible suggestion that is generally supported by the School and the Teaching Organisation, there are clear student, course and administrative benefits. However, the student/teaching admin software used by the University [and therefore the School] is going through a period of signicant change, with the end of 2009/10 a period of particular concern. As a result of this looming deadline, the School is concentrating a significant amount of effort in ensuring that all of the basic student admin functionality can be maintained for next session [i.e. online course materials, basic course registration, online tutorial groups, email alias addresses, electronic coursework submission etc], meaning that any developments have been put on hold.

On the [very brave] assumption that we can provide students, staff and applicants with the same level of functionality during 2010/11, I'd like to promise that we'll take a proper look at advanced course registration in time for 2011/12. Only time will tell if we have the capacity to look again at this in 12 months time.

Hope this helps, Gill and Stuart can fill in the blanks!!

NEIL [09/10/09]

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