Agenda Mon 7 Nov 2011

  1. Last week's actions
  2. Course workloads: IVR, Natural Comp.
  3. Lab/Course interactions


  1. Last week's actions:
    • Questionnaires: Not all reps have experienced the mid-semester questionnaire. Early indications are that the questionnaire is helpful.
    • Exam scheduling: happy? with 3.5 days, unhappy with 3 week, communication issue with how the timetabling is done. Andrew has emailed VPAA quering 3 vs 3.5.
    • DoS : response from 1st year rep coming. Most people are happy but there are some counter examples.
    • Innovative learning week - meeting with Andrew? Stuff on scientific writing, presentation tips, etc for UG4/5?
    • ICPC: going ahead.
    • HEARS: 2011-12 graduates will get a HEARS -
    • Class reps meeting - ask for some funding... agenda item for next week.
    • NSS: next week
  2. Course workloads: IVR (Learning Matlab from scratch takes time - discuss with Bob), Natural Comp(Lectures philosophical, tutorials too - assignment is very hard to write genetic algorithm for prisoners dilemma - never given any code to work from... - Stuart to talk to Michael...), Neural Computation (need a degree in Maths or Physics to do the course - help in addition to the other course - Matlab background, word with Mark)
  3. Lab/Course interactions

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