Agenda Nov 02 2009

  1. Compsoc proposal for AT level 3 social area
    1. Budget for level 3 will be supplied by compsoc
    2. Sound systems/Wiis at the bottom of the list.
    3. Consider microwave if thingsgo well
  2. Discuss review of Maths
    1. Issue about fourth years - ask John Kanamori?
    2. Jenny & Andrew will go for Inf 2.
    3. Consider how best to specify Maths pre-requisites.
  3. Review of Cog Sci and associated degrees
    1. SSLC for Students on Joint degrees -talk to Henry
    2. Action on Neil/Stuart to send list to Abigael and James
  4. Third year coursework load 2: return of the third year coursework load.
    1. Alex: would be reasonable and manageable if all assignments went smoothly - better testing (AILP and Vision and Robotics - return pof courseworks promptly) - still issues in developing large practicals - TAs designing assignments - TAs should be implementing now designing the assignemnts - look at faculty availability. (Issues about AILP - issues on how long it takes to do the coursework)
    2. Stuart to report on meeting return deadlines.
    3. ICS and ADS and OS are particularly well regarded wrt workload.
  5. Eusa teaching conference (teaching/TA staff attendance)
    1. Stuart to talk to Kat - and Laurentiu
  6. Provision of resources (robots) for IVR
    1. Too few kephra robots - poor allocation scheme, 4 broken, ...
  7. Renaming the FTL
    1. Names on a postcard to Stuart.
  8. Enforcement of the Quiet status of AT.5.01 (AT.5.East.Hardware) lab - what are the steps a student should take if he's being disturbed and asking politely doesn't help? (and other quiet labs) also what to do if the noise level is very high in the non-quiet labs
    1. Stuart and Neil/Gill will look into encouraging responsible use of facilities and potential other spaces that could be used
  9. Student complaints re mess on level 3
  10. Issue about return of Inf2C coursework - discuss with Perdita - Possibly reschedule deadline.
  11. Anonymous marking.
  12. Class reps for programmes - Check list.

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