HOWTO submit RPMs

The old-technology rpmsubmit command has been ported to FC3, pending the great RPM submission technology rewrite. So that people don't need to remember the full path names of the various RPM buckets, you now specify the bucket with the -B bucket switch. There is NO default bucket.

For example...

/usr/sbin/rpmsubmit -B lcfg lcfg-updaterpms*0.100.31-1.noarch.rpm

You can see the available buckets by calling rpmsubmit with no parameters :-

[ascobie@gala ~]$ /usr/sbin/rpmsubmit
Usage: rpmsubmit [-x] -B bucket rpm [rpm ...]
Destination repository for RPMs  : /pkgs/master/rpms/fc3
Destination repository for SRPMs : /pkgs/master/srpms/fc3
Available buckets : base,dice,ed,extras,lcfg,updates

-- AlastairScobie - 22 Feb 2005

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