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Upgrading print servers to FC3

OK, here are notes on how to get another print server to stand in for a server being taken down for upgrading...

I'd recommmend using dunnottar (also know as printfc3) to do this, purely because it's already set up for this purpose.

  • Firstly, grab /etc/lpd/printcap from whichever print server you're upgrading, and copy it to the same location on dunnotar (it's already set up to use this printcap and resources have been set to prevent any printcap updates)
  • Add the print queues to the LPRng.queues resource on dunnottar - Note if you do this first, ie before the above line, you'll need to restart LPRng to have it pickup the new printcap.
  • After LPRng has configured itself, dunnottar should be serving your print queues - use lpq -Pqueue@printfc3 to confirm
  • Now rfe dns/inf and change the #verbatim line setting your print server alias (e.g. printfh) to dunnottar-g
  • Wait one hour (for dns updates to propagate) - during this period both your original print server and dunnottar will serve the queues
  • Before doing the upgrade, consider log files and things in /var/spool/lpd, do you want to keep any of it?
  • Upgrade print server to FC3. I would use powell's profile as reference - all print servers but monotype are 750s, like powell. Things to note:
    • pxe-booting doesn't work for 750s at the moment, use the latest CD image instead
    • Make sure you include <dice/options/LPRng-server.h>
    • You'll need to set dhcpd.routers_N to the wire-N address of the server
    • dhclient.hostname must be set to the public interface of the machine (i.e. the non wire-N one)
    • Setting LPRng.queues should be all you need to get it serving the correct queues (check this with, e.g. lpq -Pqueue@powell-g) - Note this wasn't my experience it wan't to bounce things onward to "printjcmb". I think resinstating the printcap prior to the upgrade would have fixed it.
  • rfe dns/inf and change the print server alias back
  • make sure the print server is serving the queues by updating dns and rebuilding printcap - this can be done with om dns update; om LPRng run -- -b
  • Wait one hour for dns changes to propagate.
  • Queues can then be removed from dunnottar's profile.

-- NeilBrown - 09 Dec 2005

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