The lab contains expensive, delicate equipment, which can be difficult operate correctly. Therefore, all experimenters need to undergo training with an experienced researcher before they are allowed to use the lab. Furthermore, all lab users are expected to follow the lab protocol outlined on this page. Please contact the EyeTrackingSupervisor if you have any questions.

Before running experiments

Before you running experiments, please ensure that on the display PCs:

  • The network connection labeled "Informatics Ethernet" is disabled.
  • The firewall is disabled.
  • The virus protection software is disabled.
  • The screen saver is disabled.
  • Power management is disabled.

These functions can interfere with EyeLinkII timing if they are left on. To turn them off go to the Control Panel in the Windows Start menu. Note that only administrators are able to change the firewall and virus settings. However all users should be able to change the network settings; there is a shortcut to this function on the Windows desktop. Furthermore, make sure that:

  • The screen saver is disabled.
  • Power management is disabled.

Both the screen saver and power management can interfere with the running of an experiment if they come on during a trial (power management can switch of the screen in certain settings). The lab PCs are set up so that users have control over both screen saver and power management (but they are on by default).

After running experiments

After you've finished your experiments, please make sure that:

  • The network connection labeled "Informatics Ethernet" is enabled.
  • The display PCs are not switched off before a backup has been performed.

The backup will run automatically as soon as the network is enabled. Backups happen at night, so it's important to leave the display PCs on over night if you have data to back up.

If you have used SwimmingCaps for your experiment, please wash them after use and put them up on the drying rack.

-- FrankKeller - 08 Nov 2005

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