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Adding users to groups

Users of the lab have to be able to switch the Informatics Ethernet connection on and off: the connection has to be off for the tracking and on for backups.

If a user just belongs to the group Users, then he/she won't have the privileges to change the network connections (and we don't want to give a regular user full admin privileges). This problem can be solved by adding the user to the group Network Configuration Operators. Here is how to do this:

  • Select the Run option in the Start menu and run "control userpasswords2". This runs a hidden control panel that gives you additional control over user accounts.

  • Click on the Advanced tab of this control panel and then click on the Advanced button. This launches a chooser called Local Users and Groups.

  • Click on the Users folder and right-click on the user whose group membership you want to change. Select Properties.

  • In the window that comes up click on the Member Of tab. There click on Add. Now enter the group name "Network Configuration Operators" and click OK twice.

This should add the user to the group Network Configuration Operators, and they should now be able to switch the network on and off using the usual control panel.

-- FrankKeller - 10 Nov 2005

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