The data on the display PCs will be automatically backed up by mirroring the hard drives onto suitable DICE filespace. Backups happen every night, but only if the display PCs are detected on the network, i.e., if they are switched on and the network connection labeled "Informatics Ethernet" is enabled. You can enable the network using the Network Control Panel (accessible via a shortcut on your desktop). It is recommended to disable the network during experiments, but to enable it once the experiments are finished, so that backups can be carried out.

If you are a DICE user, then you can also use the Informatics Samba server to transfer files to and from your DICE filespace (which is also backed up). Please use the computing support form to request a Samba account.

Also, users might be interested in the fact that all the experimental data generated by a given tracker is also duplicated on the relevant host PC on drive G: in the directory \edf.

-- FrankKeller - 10 Nov 2005

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