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Please note that all are responsible for different aspects of the literature review. However, to facilitate the writing process we have identify coordinators who will be in charge of specific areas relevant to Echoes. Please remember:

1. To upload an accompanying paper description (based on this template: PaperDescription.dot) for every paper you put in the repository.

2. Follow the convention for naming the papers. For example Picard1997 would be the name for the paper published by Rosalind Picard in 1997. Use YEARa, YEARb, etc when there is more than one publication in the same year.

1. Theories of Autism - Coordinator: Karen


b. Executive functioning (Karen)

c. Central coherence (Karen)

d. Intersubjectivity(Karen)

e. Monotropism (Wendy) (Karen)

f. Visual Attention (Tim)

g. ASD and sensory issues (Wendy)

h. interaction with other cognitive and physical impairments (Annalu)

2. Social Interaction - Coordinator: Kaska

a. Intention (Kaska)(Genaro)

b. Communication (Kaska)(Oliver) (Annalu)

c. Gestures(Oliver)

d. Interactional focus, reciprocity, turn-taking, mirroring (Helen/Tim)

3. Educational Intervention [Autism] - Coordinator: Nicola

a. cultural interpreters to enable and help (educational interventions) (Karen)

b. teaching learning and pedagogy (Nicola)(Karen)

c. Collaboration(Nicola)

d. ICT (Wendy)

4. Educational Intervention [TD] - Coordinator: Helen

EchoesTLP (Kaska)

b. Collaboration(Nicola)

c. ICT (Judith/Kaska/Helen)

d. Intersubjectivity - Vygotsky (Genaro)

5. Methodology - Coordinator: Judith

a. Participatory (Wendy)

b. User-centred design(Judith)

6. Affect - Coordinator: Genaro

a. Recognition of emotions (Nicola)(Tim/Kaska/Helen)

b. Motivation (Genaro)(Tim/Kaska/Helen)

c. Affective (perception/selfperception) (Genaro)

7. Nature of the Environment - Coordinator: Wendy

a. Multimodal interfaces (Oliver)

b. Embodied user interfaces / agent (Judith/Wendy)

c. Tangible interfaces (Wendy)

d. Locative media (Wendy)

e. Video games design by children(Judith)

f. Narratives (Genaro) (Judith) (Tim)

g. Eye tracking (Tim)

h. Biometrics (Tim/Helen)

i. Natural Language Dialogue (Oliver)

j. accessibility and AAC (Annalu)

k. Affective and Cognitive modelling (Genaro/Helen/Kaska)

Papers not found at UEL (can anyone get this paper?)

Dapretto, M., Davies, M. et al. (2006). Understanding emotions in others: mirror neuron dysfunction in children with autism spectrum disorders. Natural Neurosciences 9(1): 28-30.

Minshew, N and Goldstein, (1998) Autism as a disorder of complex information processing. Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews 4(2): 129-136

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