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SWI Prolog

SWI Prolog is on our DICE systems. If you are a Prolog programmer and wonder whether there is a good alternative to SICStus Prolog, this one might be for you.

  • fast, robust, feature-rich implementation
  • command history and command line editing in the Prolog shell (no more fiddling with cut'n'paste!)
  • rich graphical environment (emacs-style editor, code browser, thread monitor, hyperlinked help, ...)
  • especially: a graphical debugger (command "guitracer.") that blows you away (source code display, variable inspection, stack frame display, ...)
  • rich set of libraries (HTTP (even a server!), XML, RDF/OWL, among others)

On a DICE prompt, simply enter 'pl', and at the Prolog prompt enter 'help.', and there you go ...

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