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Project tree

Since the project tree used to browse the various elements of a project seems to cover so many areas (well, mainly the GUI people and Project concept people I thought a Wiki page on its usage would be useful

Seeing as how I'm in neither of the above groups people who are better qualified feel free to edit this. As long as we are consistent we should be fine

At the moment the tree has the following pattern:

Project Name

|-- Models

|-- Results

|-- Graphs

but this probally could do with updating

All methods for adding and building the tree are in MainApp .java, again this might not be the best place for them

Something else I have done that might have to be rectified is that SimulationLauncher now takes a refererence to MainApp . This is so that the tabbed browser and tree can be updated with the results of any simulation. It may be better to just call the SimulationLauncher methods from MainApp and update as needed - another one for the GUI people? It looks like it is supported

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