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  • My jobs are writing their stdout and stderr to _condor_stdout and _condor_stderr respectively, and not the locations specified in the submit description file. This has started since the upgrade to v6.7.14, I think. Has anyone else seen this? -- Main.s0565860 - 20 Jan 2006
    • Yes, I had this problem. The solution, I think, is to use ShouldTransferFiles=ALWAYS in your submit file. -- Main.simonk - 05 Apr 2006
    • That seems to work, despite the documentation saying ShouldTransferFiles can take one of only three values YES, IF_NEEDED or NO! -- Main.s0565860 - 09 Apr 2006


  • I have not found out whether the configuration variable shell_start_mode is set to unix_behavior; it is safer to specify the shell in the first script line and through the -S option. -- VolkerStrom - 13 Dec 2005
    • By default it is set to "posix_complient", I've reset it to "unix_behaviour". You can get the queue configuration by doing qconf -sq <queue> and get a list of queues by doing qconf -sql -- IainRae - 19 Jan 2006
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