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Dynamical Systems and Optimal Control - lets.

The purpose of this reading group is for members to discuss and get to grips with advanced material in the areas of dynamical systems and control theory, beyond what is taught in the MSc lecture courses. The aim is to get a solid handle on advanced problems in control and the techniques used for solving them rather than debating their finer points. Meetings are organised by Yiming Yang, and are usually held on Mondays at 3pm in IF 1.16. Announcements are made through the DSOClets mailing list. Please note that some papers listed below are accessible only within the Informatics computer network.



Notice: Room change
  • 28 July 3.02
  • 9 June 4.02


Machine Learning

Web: course description

  • 16th September Benji 09-RL-exploration
  • 9th September Hsiu-Chin 08-reinforcementLearning (slides 40-66)
  • 2nd September Jun 08-reinforcementLearning (slides 1-39)
  • 26th August Andreea 07-learning (slides 20-end HMM)
  • 19th August Vlad 07-learning (slides 1-19 Gaussian Mixture)
  • 10th June Hsiu-Chin 06-inference
  • 20th May Joe 05-graphicalModels
  • 13th May Benji 04-bayesianModelling
  • 6th May Andreea 03-classification
  • 29th April Vlad 02-Regression


Optimal control book, Bryson and Ho (1975)
  • 4th March Konrad Advanced methods in optimal control
  • 25th February No meeting
  • 18th February Jun iLQG method: Li and Todorov, Iterative linearization methods for approximately optimal control and estimation of non-linear stochastic systems, Int. J. of Control, 2007
  • 11th February David Chapter 8.1-8.3
  • 4th February Andreea Chapter 3.8-3.13
  • 14th January Vlad Chapter 3.1-3.7
  • 17th December-7 January Winter Break
  • 3rd December Aris Chapter 7.5-7.8
  • 26th November Joe Chapter 7.1-7.4
  • 19th November (time change: 2pm) Prof. Wyatt Newman: DARPA Robotics Challenge
  • 12th November Hsiu-Chin Chapter 6.6-6.11
  • 5th November Sandy Chapter 6.1-6.5
  • 29th October Jun Chapter 5
  • 22nd October Benji Chapter 4
  • 15th October David Introduction and Chapter 2





  • 1 December Control theory book club. Ioannis Havoutis
  • 24 November Taku Komura: Stern, Herbrich and Graepel, Learning to solve game trees, 2007
  • 17 November Control theory book club, chapter 3. Ram
  • 10 November Matt Howard: Udwadia, Optimal tracking control of nonlinear dynamical systems, 2008 pdf; Itiki, Kalaba and Udwadia, Inequality Constraints in the Process of Jumping, 1996 pdf
  • 3 November Control theory book club. Stefan Klanke
  • 20 October Control theory book club. Konrad Rawlik. Chapter 2 sections 2.1 to 2.6.
  • 13 October Djordje Mitrovic: Rantzer and Johansson, 1997: Piecewise Linear Quadratic Optimal Control
  • 6 October Control theory book club. Finish chapter 1. Reference -- Eduardo Sontag: Mathematical Control Theory webpage
  • 29 September Michael Herrmann: Dual Control (continued from 25th Aug.)
  • 8 September Control theory book club introductory session. Reference -- Eduardo Sontag: Mathematical Control Theory webpage
  • 25 August Michael Herrmann: Moreau and Sontag, Balancing at the border of instability, 2003 pdf
  • 11 August Adrian Haith: Hilbert Kappen, Path integrals and symmetry-breaking for optimal control theory, 2008 pdf
  • 28 July Ioannis Havoutis: Introduction to Operational Space Control 1, 2, 3
  • 14 July Ram: Tomlin et al. A Game Theoretic Approach to Controller Design for Hybrid Systems, 2000 pdf; Pappas and Simic, Consistent Abstractions of Affine Control Systems, 2002 pdf
  • 16 June, 11.00am Hubert Shum: Jehee Lee and Kang Hoon Lee, Precomputing Avatar Behavior from Human Motion Data, 2006 webpage.
  • 26 May, 11.00am Taku Komura: da Silva et al. Simulation of Human Motion Data using Short-Horizon Model-Predictive Control, 2008 pdf
  • 12 May, 11.00am Sebastian Bitzer: Billard et al. Handbook of Robotics, Chpt 59: Robot Programming by Demonstration. 2007 pdf
  • 14 April, 11:00am Stefan Klanke: Demo of linear quadratic control, infinite and finite horizon. Matlab scripts
  • 07 April, 10:00am Djordje Mitrovic: LQG and Piecewise-linear Optimal Control. Part 4 of Todorov's Book Chapter, 2006: Mathematical Introduction to Optimal Control Theory; Rantzer and Johansson, 1997: Piecewise Linear Quadratic Optimal Control

Suggested Topics

  • Dynamical systems: Non-linear and stochastic dynamical systems. Solution of ordinary, partial and stochastic differential equations.
  • Optimal Control: Optimal feedback control and state estimation.
  • Manipulation: Kinematics, dynamics, contact control, redundancy.
  • Learning for control: Reinforcement learning, learning kinematics/dynamics, Bayesian techniques, imitation Learning.

Suggested Papers

Locomotion competition

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