Where's my software?

Which machines use a particular item of software? Here are some techniques which might help to answer the question.

Search a machine for a file

To list all files with http in their name:
locate http
Run the command as root if you want to know about files which are only accessible to the superuser.

Search the logs

LCFG component logs are in /var/lcfg/log.
The standard place for logs is /var/log.
You may find apache logs in /etc/httpd/logs or /var/log/httpd.

Search the man pages

man -k php

Search a machine for an RPM

To search the installed RPM names for a string:
rpm -qa | grep -i whatever
To find out more about a named RPM:
rpm -qi php
To list its files:
rpm -ql php
Which RPM installed this file?
rpm -qf /this/file
man rpm has more, especially in the QUERY OPTIONS section.

Which bit of LCFG installed this RPM?

To find out why LCFG installed a package called myrpm:
qxpack -v myrpm

Search the repositories for an RPM

To find software using a search string:
yum search foo
To get more info on a named RPM:
yum info foomatic
More info:
man yum

Search the LCFG source profiles

To find the string stuff wherever it occurs in machines' LCFG files:
rfe -xf lcfg/stuff

Search the LCFG headers and/or package lists

First check out the core and live repositories to your own filespace - see SubversionRepository.
To search for thing in filenames in the repository:
cd ~/svn; find core live -name \*thing\*
To search the contents of the files instead of their names:
cd ~/svn; find core live -type f | xargs grep -i thing
To exclude those irritating /.svn/ filenames from the results:
cd ~/svn; find core live -type f | grep -v /.svn | xargs grep -i thing

Find all machines which use a particular header (or package list)

See How to use dumpdeps. If you're in a hurry start at the quick answers section.

Find out which headers (or package lists) a machine uses

Again, see How to use dumpdeps. If you're in a hurry start at the quick answers section.
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