Completion Report for Webmark Reform

This project was originally requested by ITO to enhance Webmark so it could provide more sophisticated forms. In particular a key enhancement was to allow submitted forms to directly update Theon, for example for mark entry, replacing the re-keying that was currently done by ITO.

The set of requirements was laid out as a set of new "forms" that ITO would like. The new functionality needed to build these forms, and their prioritisation, would drive the design of Reform (the new Webmark).

On review of these "forms" at the beginning of 2017 it was concluded that almost all were no longer necessary (the functionality has been, or will soon be, replaced by functionality subsequently added to EUCLID and other systems). Consequently the primary driver for a re-factor of Webmark has gone away and the project has been abandoned.

The remaining forms that the ITO still consider to be worth implementing will be supported in the future either by small enhancements to Webmark or by entirely separate processes. If necessary these will be resubmitted as individual projects.

While a reasonable amount of effort has been committed to this project (approximately 11 weeks in total), much of that has not been wasted as the enhancements (or equivalent changes) have been folded back into the existing Webmark system. This was possible because of the foresight to make small step-design changes in this project that each attacked a particular area of deficiency in Webmark as it was and was standalone.


Effort given to this project per-annum and in total:

Year Effort in Hours
2016 51
2015 96
2014 70
2013 168
2012 0
2011 0

-- TimColles - 12 Jan 2017

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