UniDesk tips

  • How do I pass the ticket back to the previous operator ?
    • As you are unlikely to guess which Operator group they belong to, just click on the blue chevron at the right of the Operator Name and select 'Find' in order to search for them by name.
  • I can't seem to be able to search using username?
    • Correct. Under the advanced search, the username isn't listed. You can search using the short staff number.
  • Why can't I see my own tickets in the SelfService portal ?
    • If you emailed Unidesk using your @inf address, chances are this is not the email recorded for you within Unidesk. You can check this by doing an advanced search for the incident number. If you see your name but it shows "Unknown" under 'College/Support Group', then it's not the official you! You can fix this by clicking on the blue chevron at the right of the 'Name' field and select 'Find' in order to search for yourself by name. Once selected (and updated) the Caller information should show your correct details and you'll be able to see your Incidents using the SelfService portal.
  • How do I change the priority of an incident ?
    • Priority is a combination of Impact and Urgency. Modify the values for these as required and the Priority/Target Date should change. If you still don't agree with the target date, you can also edit it.
  • Searching
    • You can look up a UniDesk ticket from the URL bar with a keyword bookmark (or a 'search engine' in Chrome terminology) containing the string:


-- AlisonDownie - 20 May 2013

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